Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pretzel Liebchen!

I should be at church-- I went through 10 pounds of flour and made pretzels and put together a stunning basket that I saved up for to have blessed by the priest. Got the kids in my car and it wouldn't start!

Anyway-- here I am making pretzels worthy of a German biergarten making them much bigger makes it hard to get them out of the boiling water. The kids absolutely love it when I bake pretzels. You make the dough—basic bread with no oil but you add brown sugar, do the folded arms shape, let them rise then put them in a pot of boiling baking soda water for 10 seconds, flip and boil for another 10 seconds, then bake at 475 for 15 minutes or until golden. The kids get into it with me.

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Emperor Ropi said...

that reminds me to Scotland. We were living in mobile homes. In our place there were 6 guys so cooking was a weird issue. We needed 1 day to find out how the owen works. Well we found out fast but it was always switching off in the form of explosion. I am really proud because I found the solution. There was a glass shelter on it and the oxigen was used up fast. Well it may be a bit less time maybe 20 hours but after it, we started cooking. It was quite tasty but butterfly stomach became a general problem.