Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shrew in my SUV

Today I had to go out. I had to change out car seats and left a car door open. Mitten the Kitten hopped in. I thought nothing of it and placed her back in the driveway. The little ones were giggling about a mouse. I thought they were being silly because they do that. I did not see a mouse or anything else and blew them off.

Ta-da! I was driving up the highway and something caught my eye then ran over my foot. Keeping control of my car was not easy as I pulled off to the side of the highway and the critter ran out. Mudd started to cry because he said, "What if she's a mommy mouse? We need to take him home!" (Gender switching is his, not my word choice!)

Calamity Jane did not make him happy as she said, "Then Mitten probably got them, too! They're all gone!"


Monday, September 29, 2008

2 Down 7 to Go!

Peaches just passed her driver's test-- a mere formality because she was so good! I took her to Palmer last night and just had her drive around and it was the same route she'd take for her test today-- I had no idea! She passed with a high score that the picture taker commented on. Darrin is the one to teach them; I am like my mom was, slightly nervous. . . when i passed my test, I relaxed after the tester screamed. Visibility was 20 feet and I was in ruts on the highway. As soon as we almost went off the road and he screamed, I was fine. He was laughing when I passed. Whodaknew that I'd wind up driving around with 9 noisy kids?

I got my license at 27-- white knuckled, I was.

Peaches was as cool as a cucumber driving, then very giddy afterward!

A CNN Article by Mia Farrow

Several years ago my husband and I wanted to adopt from Haiti. Our house is too small now but perhaps one day we still will.

Mia Farrow is aware and maybe some attention will get shined on this very ppor country.

For the link to this story, go here.

Actress Mia Farrow has traveled extensively as an ambassador for UNICEF, including trips to Darfur, Angola and Chad, and has been active in the organization for 10 years. Farrow starred in the film "Rosemary's Baby" and has appeared in many other films, including "The Great Gatsby," "Death on the Nile," and "Hannah and Her Sisters." In 1997, she published a memoir, "What Falls Away."
Mia Farrow views flooding in Haiti on a trip to the country devastated by a string of recent storms.

Mia Farrow views flooding in Haiti on a trip to the country devastated by a string of recent storms.
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(CNN) -- I have just returned from my latest trip as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Once again I found myself in one of the world's poorest countries; once again I held children with stick limbs and distended bellies.

Again, most of these children are without clean water, adequate food, basic health care and the opportunity for an education. Again, before they reach the age of five, many will die from preventable diseases.

But this visit was not to Africa. These are the grim realities for the people of Haiti, just one hour from the shores of the United States.

Haiti is shattered by decades of poverty, violence, bad governance and neglect. There is little infrastructure, no jobs for 75% of the population, child trafficking is common, there are countless orphans and street children.

Then a few weeks ago, things got a whole lot worse for the people of Haiti, when the first of four hurricanes pounded their shores.

The damage wrought by Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike is beyond imagining or describing. Whole cities and villages are devastated, fields and crops lie beneath water. Roads and bridges are washed out. Many areas remain inaccessible to relief workers. We cannot yet know how many have perished.

During that first week of September, water, some nine feet high, tore through the coastal city of Gonaives, sweeping people and their possessions away, shredding houses and shops. Gonaives was home to more than 350,000 people.

Today, thousands are still stranded on rooftops, more have crowded into schools and churches. Although the water has begun to recede, the city is choked with mud.

The hills behind Gonaives slid down and churned the broken things and people too into a thick, terrible soup. I have never seen or imagined there could be so much mud.

Still, here and there I saw people wading though the mud in search of belongings, or washing their clothes in the putrid water. I saw a man doing his best with a single bucket to haul the mountain of mud out of his house.

"We need food and water," an old woman cried with her arms outstretched. "Our children are sick," said another. The light streamed through the high windows of the cathedral in Gonaives. It was an eerie sight.

The pews had been tossed aside like matchsticks clearing a vast open space where a child, waist-high in mud, moved toward me with large, unsmiling eyes.

In the crowded, sweltering choirloft where hundreds of families had taken refuge, there is no water, no toilets, no food. Infants were sprawled on a dirty floor, and emotions were raw from fatigue, hunger and desperation.

I visited an orphanage where the children had been huddled on the second floor for these long three weeks. (The ground floor was filled with mud) There I met a little boy named Watson, who greeted me with a smile and a fist pump. As I was leaving, he said: "Stay with us." I told him that I couldn't but promised I would come back. Watson said. "I will pray for you."

I know as I write this, Watson and the other orphans are still on the upper floor of the orphanage, the babies are still sleeping on the church floor, the man with his bucket is still hauling mud, families are still stranded on rooftops and they are still hungry in sweltering makeshift shelters.

While the tsunami prompted a generous and immediate response from the international community, the situation in Haiti has largely gone unnoticed. Haiti and its people urgently need our help - especially the most vulnerable, the children.

The enormity of this catastrophe has overwhelmed the impoverished Haitian government and the UN agencies that are struggling to sustain human life there.

International and local aid workers on the ground have made a remarkable commitment to provide humanitarian assistance. But they cannot do it alone. I realize these are not easy times for Americans. But a small donation goes a very long way. For many of these families, who are, after all, our neighbors, it will mean the difference between life and death.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

I think I'm getting it! ("It" is statistics.)

Right now I am learning about Joint and Marginal Probabilities. This was all learned back in 3rd grade-- it's fractions, decimals, and conversions. Math reduces everything to the most simple form. The problems are interesting: the book uses situations that are real life, such as weights and batting averages of baseball players on a certain team (it helps when I recognize names and I do not know why this is because I don't care about baseball.) Or they use horse race statistics and since I have a friend who breeds race horses I find myself thinking that I understand it better. It rates physicians by gender and specialty, then asks questions. Everything is "real." It is still a struggle because I am not used to doing this kind of thinking, but the relevance makes it tolerable. One of the stats classes that I failed used basic tables and wasn't current. For all we know, in two years the book that I am studying from will update with statistics on the present election.

Right now every spare moment is spent studying with a few where I get out and have some fun, but I get back to hit the books. My husband helps me more than anything, but since the house is quiet at night, I look forward to him being gone so I can spread my books all over the bed and stay up 'til 3AM working on them. I don't think that I have been this busy before, even when taking more classes. I keep thinking of the goal to be reached at the end-- as soon as I pass my second test in stats (there are three tests,) I will apply to grad school for the spring.

I feel like I can accomplish so much right now with this one class-- I don't know that I will be pleased with myself as in "I am so proud of me!" but there is a sense of pride with it. I knew I'd pass the English classes, the social work classes were a joke, but stats is another story. If the other classes that I have had have been sometimes tough, like steep hills, the statistics class is a cliff and I have a 50 pound pack on my back. Yes, I have to pass it with my husband's help and I don't like that I need his help this much, but it is getting DONE. I understand why this class is important for the degree even though my majors are English and psychology. Every time I work on it, I stretch my muscles a little more and I am better and stronger for it.

Having my husband teach me statistics is like him teaching me to drive-- I don't know why it is so personal and I get so emotional. I've always considered myself a math illiterate and it's embarrassing, but the more I do and further along in the book I go, the more I realize that I am not as ignorant as I'd thought.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bad Disney Movie!

It works! I can embed from their site!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Help! Time Capsule Being Formed!

I am the editor of my college paper. This paper is going into a time capsule that is to be dug up in 50 years. I am writing the editorial. My readers, what matters to you right now?

It gets me teary not for sadness but just emotions that I will most likely either be dead or starting to suffer from dementia and my hair will be very silver. Will my marriage have been great? My baby will be 53, almost the age I will be when she graduates from high school. All of my daughters will have reached menopause and I will probably have great grand children and a few great great grands.

We've had rallies in response to an Anchorage Christian group that wants to Pray away the Gay. it was only a coupel of years ago that homosexual couples were allowed to adopt nationally and in some places they still cannot have civil unions. If 50 years with this all seem as strange and barbaric that they were even issues? When I first learned about slavery, it was from the movie Roots. It was unfathomable to me that anyone was ever held as a slave-- I was seven years old. Will the next generation read of us being concerned with Gay Rights and be amused that it was something that people got worked up over?

We are having a banking crises. Will this affect their generation? We had four lawmakers last year go to prison on corruption. They will be footnotes if they even make it into our history books, their graves probably grown over and if they are lucky, tended by grand children and they will make bigger imprints on the hearts of their children and grand children when they leave prison and find new lives and new ways to define themselves. Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, is running for VP-- will she win and if she does or doesn't, will she be remembered fondly or will she, too be a footnote in a text? Perhaps a younger governor will take her place.

How will the family have changed? Will my family of 9 children be considered as bizarre as it is now?

That I get to write an editorial almost spooks me, thinking of it being read by people not yet born. People will be running the college who are just now in diapers. How many wars will be fought between now and then? Is Iran's president right in that the US is losing it's status as a world power? Will people still come to the US to learn at our universities? How many college classes will be taught away from school? I've taken at least one on-line course since I returned two years ago.

My kids will be old-- this won't be in there, but what will they remember of me? Will they gather at holidays and laugh at memories? Will they always remember how I came up with a zany, silly pose for yearly pictures?

I want to put a Hostess Twinkie in the capsule if they let me. I think it will last that long.

If anyone has ideas for me to write about, about what matters to us now, please post something for me!


I love Bill Cosby-- I miss his commercials! I learned from watching his commercials how humor gets used and wrote a paper in high school on it, about how something funny would cause people to replicate it. It gave them good feelings and you literally had a good feeling in a box even thinking of the product.

I broke up with a boyfriend and my dad bought a package of Jello Pudding and I didn't want to have one. He said, "That's OK! I will sit here and eat them until you smile!" Then he copied Bill Cosby. I went to my room and he stood outside my door. He was like a bad dream! :) I smiled and wound up eating a box of Jello Puddings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Think Geek: Toys for Nerds! YEEEEAAAAH!

This is what I look at when I take breaks from school work. . .

My Master's Degree

I am getting ready to apply for my MA. It may shock you that I have been considering several for a few years. Right now, if I wasn't considering the degree, I wouldn't be throwing myself at my statistics course and be so forceful about learning and finishing it.

There is of course the one that I've been talking about in Interdisciplinary Studies that will prepare me to do self discovery work but it's not psychology, and different modes of story telling with people to help them. It's used in hospitals and many settings to do creative therapy where you don't diagnose, just facilitate.

Another degree is an MA in Divinity. I have been regurgitating the idea of being a chaplain since I was 14 and working as a candy striper at Providence Hospital. I worked in Physical Therapy, but it was the chaplains who came around and encouraged the long-term patients (burn victims, sometimes mental patients, women on pregnant bed rest, people with operations that revealed more problems and long term stays) who'd be ready to give up, sick of exertion or whatever, and they'd give them a mental jolt with a kind word. They'd be in the PT unit or they would be with a patient in the cafeteria or where ever. They were ecumenical and they always had time for me asking probably mundane questions but they humored me anyway. I told one chap, "I want your power. You walk into a room and people's eyes light up even if they don't know you and you aren't dressed like a chaplain!" He said it was the power of God or Jesus working through him, depending on a person's persuasion. (He was Christian but even non Christians liked him. He pulled out people's strengths and his body language showed total acceptance of people. I'd love to see him with my hyper crew and see if he could shine the same individual love on each child or be like me, "Stop it! ONE AT A TIME!")

When my dad died (you must be so sick of hearing about this! LOL) I was sent out to get a minister to give us Communion. Since I was a teenager, wandering through different churches with friends and getting baptized many times (almost as many times as I have tried college majors,) I have been my family's go-to person for a religious person. There was some difficulty for some reason and I called up a few places and got an Episcopalian minister to come out. I told him of the mixed bag of faiths in our room, myself being Eastern Orthodox. He just laughed. He was so nice-- we spoke a bit and I told him about college and wanting to be A DOCTOR then was like, "Hey! You heal people, too!" He reflected on that, and agreed that it seemed like he did in those rough moments even though he'd often heal people on their death beds.

I've done Hospice type work and for the last few years been drawn to prisons. I'm joining an ecumenical group for a religious retreat behind bars at a women's prison and learning as much as I can about grief, not just in prison but end of life, during times of illness, etc. and they tend to be similar. I'm hoping to find a protestant mentor to help me prepare for a Master's degree (EO schools don't have distance learning so you have to leave state and they don't like their students being ecumenical) and of course to get in to a master's degree. I'm not a die-hard Bible thumper, which is probably why I was attracted to Eastern Orthodoxy in the first place (I fell in love with Paschal vespers music. Three priests singing sounded like angels of God in this large cathedral. Orthodox tend to be a light on a hill, not ones to flash a light in people's faces, but there are always zealous exceptions.)

It is funny that I would change majors almost a dozen times and wind up getting a General Studies degree (with a double emphasis in English and Psychology!)and for all the times I was baptized, be attracted to becoming an ecumenical chaplain. Darrin says that when we start with specifics, we gravitate towards the general, and when we start with the general, we end in specifics. He says that I may get this degree and move toward a certain direction and until the kids leave home, that it had better be EO at home until then. LOL

Chaplaincy allows you to use the same techniques that you use in the interdisciplinary degree and psychology, without making diagnosis and you help people in stressful times. I've been this for people, and I have been good at it. I'm normally a chatterbox, but when the time is serious and I am needed, I shut up and say intelligent things that people need to hear.

The degree requirements are a bit tough. They expect a certain GPA that I've not worried about. As a mother for all of my career and a very busy one, I've been glad to finish my courses-- I have a 2.5. I know other moms have maintained 4.0's but that was never my thing-- now it will be but the youngest child is almost 3 now, too. The college that I am looking at is telling me to find other strengths and to get a mentor and start working on other things that I need to do to get in and that my strengths will show.

I like the job description-- a chaplain is a true servant of God, not there to judge, but to be with people at rough times, maybe let them talk about their problems and help them navigate out of them. For all my degree changes in education, social work, and psychology, they lend themselves and me to this. I am really happy that Darrin is backing me on it. He says that he never saw himself being married to a chaplain, but that he also never saw himself with 9 kids, so God has lots of surprises for him along his path in this life.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Deployed, then other stuff

One of Tiger's friends is about to be deployed to the front in Iraq. This is the first of her friends who are going but many more will soon follow. When I was really little I remember watching protests in Washington, people holding signs that my dad said they said they were sending boys off to war. I remember thinking, "They are grown men! They have to be at least 20 years old!" Now I understand: these guys and gals are children. I saw a lot of them on athletic teams that she was on.

She text messaged me this morning really early and was scared. She'd been crying in her sleep. I told her to find out their favorite "goodins" and that we will start monthly cooking days for them. She thought that was funny, and asked if I am sure we aren't Italian because I'd be a good Catholic Mama drowning every problem with prayer and good foods! My prayers are verbs; I get busy for the person I am thinking of. I doubt that they work, but I am at least not worrying myself into an ulcer.

I got another lesson knocked back in statistics. My husband has a talent for teaching. I wish I had been able to focus on math in high school, but for various reasons I could not. My husband minored in it and is a better tutor to my children than I had with my dad! My children are learning it and liking it. Basil heard him talking statistics with me and he ran around with a coin and flipped it for a few hours, then he started coming up with questions and answers. (He's also a map fiend and wants to know where everything is.)

On Friday I met up with some Republican political friends. I told them that I am morphing into a Democrat. Two took out their voter registration cards and they are non-partisan now, the others are leaning heavily Blue. I know of no one who is happy with AG Talis Colberg who advised 13 people to ignore subpoenas for the "Troopergate" investigation with out governor. It seems that the Republicans keep making asses out of themselves, with laws not applying to them. Subpoenas are serious: you don't ignore them. You don't text message on flights. Unless you are a Republican Alaskan lawmaker in which case you can throw your political weight around. Didn't you know? Laws are for the little people!

Of our gathering, we are all in support of Erick Cordero and David Cheezem, two fine Democrats from Palmer running for state senate and representatives-- Erick has more international experience than our governor, having been raised in Mexico and speaks a few languages (and runs a self-help law group in Anchorage,) then David has a business in Palmer with the sweetest bookstore in the Valley called Fireside Books. I like it when Democrats are also business owners; they tend to make better decisions because they are civic minded but also understand how the economy works. One of our former governors is Tony Knowles and I loved him because he was guided by a desire to make the world a better place and make laws that allowed businesses to thrive. He was also a chef! (I love a guv who cooks!)

I am not impressed with my governor or her running mate. I read an article yesterday that McC spoke of his exploits in Brazil. I see McC decided to take up the Stephen Colbert Challenge to Make McCain Exciting! Challenge.

We'll be seeing a lot more of his pictures of himself as a fighter pilot, I'm sure. (I dated flyboys and they were great boyfriends but terrible husband material! He won't be impressing me!) I'm sure he is trying to impress us, but I'm not impressed.

I'm going to vote as early as possible so I can get it over with.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cheesecake makes Statistics Tasty.

Cheesecake makes statistics good
There's nothing finer
I live for these great math times

Friday, September 19, 2008

"For better or for worse, for richer and for poorer, and I even promise to teach you statistics if it's the last thing I get into your head."

My husband loves me. 15 years ago I was not driving-- my not driving laid some of the issues that I spent years getting over about my parents, so don't ask. My husband tried to teach me and we broke up. (My mother would eventually teach me. It was she who said that when I was scared that I was either too brave or downright mean!)

Learning statistics with my husband right now is trying on us. I started mauling his neck and he said, "No." I teasingly told him he wasn't a real man. He said that real men know that a sexy woman is one who understands statistics and can finish up her bachelor's degree so that they can pay for her to get a master's-- by the way, he asked, what was I thinking of for that MA? I went back to it. With every problem he was saying the steps with me. It is so frustrating to do this and to stay on task. He'd ask me questions as he flipped through the book, telling me to get familiar with the terms, relax, try again. My mind is spilling over with data analysis and probability. He gets excited talking about this stuff. I feel like I am four years old again watching the Watergate hearing on TV with my dad. I don't know what Darrin is talking about but I know that someday I will and it will be very, very important!

I have to get dressed up-- skirt, heels, uncomfortable clothes, so I pay attention. Otherwise I get sleepy. I have to stay with it, just a few more months. . . in between problems, I edit written assignments for the kids and help with their other work.

I just got an email from Cloud's teacher at her homeschool-- he works with her for an hour each week to stay on top of her math and he says that she is very fast at catching on. He apparently asked her if she ever clashed with her dad over math when he made her work hard and she said, "No-- that's what my mom does. I just learn it and get it done."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crumpet Babies, Children of the Mime

Today I took Cloud to the book store. Not having the books we needed, she and I looked at a bridal magazine and she told me of her dream wedding. Most girls her age think of something outlandish and just want a groom to show up. She thought differently. "Who cares if you have a cookie cutter dress? It's yours and you make it special. I'll make mine. . . and I want my guests to have fun." She doesn't want to spend more than two weeks of her and her future husband's combined salary and she wants to make all the food herself "or people who I trust to make it right." (I qualify as one she trusts to cook well.) She is practical, but as we looked at dresses she explained each one as to why it was good or bad.

The three little ones had me laughing. I was trying to explain the concept of half full vs. half empty. (An attitude.) I filled up a glass with juice and placed it on the table and started to talk and Mudd picked it up, looked at it and drank it and pronounced it "tasty."

Yesterday Calamity Jane got mad at Mudd. I stopped and watched them and couldn't figure it out and asked what was wrong. Calamity Jane said, "He put an apple core on my paper!"

I said that we had no apples-- there was nothing on her paper! She rolled her eyes because I was so stupid, "It's an imaginary apple!" I picked up the imaginary core and popped it in my mouth. She said I was "gross."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Met Radical Catholic Mom!

Tonight I went to an orientation for Catholic Social Services where I hope to work with elderly refugees and maybe one day teach English or citizenship classes when who showed up but a bubbly lady and her friend. She said something about blogging and I asked if she was the RCM and she was! I told her that I was Tea N Crumpets and I met her friend and I was very happy! What a class act!

I won't gush over the meeting and what was discussed because I think it's her domain and I am just learning (hopefully to have my own niche,) but I love that we live in a small world with some truly fantastic and wonderful people who make a difference through dedication. I met twenty really nice people and was so happy I'd gone. I ration every drop of gas in my tank, but tonight it was an investment! Work with Catholic Social Services will be a pleasure, I think!

Math and Homework

Last night my husband and I started working on our budget together. After 15 minutes he looked at me and asked, "What are you procrastinating from doing?"Apparently I have never been so amiable about working on a budget. I said I was fine. (A surefire promise that I have done nothing.) He drug out my statistics. He bought me a new calculator that I have needed, a T-84 two days ago. Mine isn't pink-- it's only $99 in black so we needed to save the $50. He suggested that I do 20 minutes a night of budget work, and the rest with my academic classes. I am doing frozen lasagnas now and having the older kids help with dinner.

He sat with me while I went through the problems. I got mad at him because I needed a break and he'd not give me one. He had me and the kids all doing our math and when Guy asked why he was forcing him to do extra math problems, Darrin winked at me and said, "So you won't be like your mother, one semester away from a degree and struggling with your math!" Guy didn't complain the rest of the night!

Guy brought me something annoying. Schools seem to think families are bored and have nothing to do. His teacher sent a generic note home to parent/guardians, wanting us to sign papers stating what time each night we will sit down with our "student" and "turn off the TV and radio" and assign a person in the family to do a special math study! I wrote that some kids do better with a radio going, that other sibs can be occupied with a TV and that we have no one person available at the same time each night for homework. I don't like TV but I really wanted to turn it on. These people send home cheesy newsletters each week with "helpful tips for families!" Do i seem like I need more to do? They can shove those helpful tips in their ears!

The stats classs is just repetition. There are long formulas that my husband sits with me and says out loud, over and over with each problem. It's like structural grammer but easier since I have him going over it with me. Of course Darrin gets excited, which makes me excited. Then he looks over the letters in Greek and tells me other things about the Greeks. What's funny is that his anecdotes make the formulas stick in my mind. Why this works I do not know, but they get eprsonal with me.

If I stay on this it will be over in two months.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Better Budgeting

For the past 11.5 years, my husband and I have struggled with our debt. When we first married, he worked on the Slope and I was alone a lot and after having struggled in a nurses' assistant job for two years, I went "a little insane" (I do nothing half-assed! I dove into debt!) with his credit cards when I discovered one-click shopping at Amazon. I bought books, books and more books. I liked being a housewife; then he found the debts. I didn't buy clothes or shoes or drugs or boyfriends, but it got us into trouble. We got gym memberships we couldn't pay, I was alone and maxxed out on the phone bill. Later, we'd get things paid up but I was having children and debts mounted.

This period, we got the debts paid. I just started an online class about getting a budget together. This has happened before, then Darrin got laid off, or we had some issue hit that was beyond our control. What always got to me was the times that we had something going on, then Darrin would accuse me of being a Grinch on Christmas shopping. (That was right after W told Americans to go shopping as their patriotic duty. Don't marry a conservative! They spend more and are less fun!) I could never stand him getting a budget in the past as he'd tell the little lady (me) how things would be-- he didn't like it when I had ideas because he wanted to be the smart one calling shots. Hopefully we will use the class papers to draw something up and the numbers won't lie. The web site has been helpful at showing me inexpensive ways to do things. I used to cook for artistry and creativity-- now I cook to provide sustenance and nutrition to my family. It's not the same. I "get in and getter done."

Monday, September 15, 2008

One of those moments. . .

I feel like I shouldn't exist. (I'm not suicidal. I feel like a complete f--- up; I'd not succeed! LOL) My writing is rubbish, my artwork is trash. I am very upset. Nothing is going right. I try to set aside time to do things and it doesn't get done because of some crises with my husband or children and my husband demands that he and the kids come first. Big smile. I so much want out of my present life. He's traveling for two weeks soon-- half is work, but the other half isn't.

I feel like an idiot for having signed up for that massage school with that teacher who was so unprofessional and I had to play his game to keep going. We just got the money order to pay it off, and I have to beg my husband for money to pay off school (late fees just hit) and I feel very trapped. My husband is not happy with me for that school and mocks him, "You went to this school to learn to fluff auras and you want money for college?" I really thought I'd be able to do well. I love giving massages, I love getting them!

The kids are doing well reading and getting their work done. I shouldn't complain. It's 3:30AM-- I'm not getting my stats because it's so damned late!

I just did my Alaska science class. I dropped chemistry because it's hard and I don't need extra work. Alaska natural science is great-- I am learning about arctic ecosystems, glaciers, and water, and soon about the animal habitats. I have to do a local project and I have to be painting by then. That will be wonderful if my muse returns or if I can paint without it and just pretend to be inspired by it.

I am with a calligrapher's group and a fellow artist told us about a friend who she was designing a monogram for and asked the group for help. They got nasty, "Are you asking us to do it for free?" Art can be free or paid for-- if you want to do it, do it and if not, don't! I am doing something for the artist who they got nasty at. My work isn't nearly as good as what that group does, but for God's sake, I'm nice. I can't stand the assault that they mounted on her over it! By the time she gets it the petty argument will have been long resolved, but right now I need back pats and to be affirmed. :( One decent piece of work begets more, right?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened at the Store Today. . .

My husband does not like to shop for clothes. I have to shop for him. Today I was in the men's pants section and couldn't remember his length so I went down on my knees and held up two pair of pants, having hemmed them before.

A guy who was in his 20's walked near me and looked down, "Ma'am, are you OK?"

I said I was but that I was trying to remember my husband's pant length. He turned BRIGHT red and said, "Lucky guy!"

I was confused and then realized what it looked like and I clarified, "No-- I hem his pants up all the time and--"

He cut me off, "You don't have to explain. It's healthy! You are fine!" (He thought that I knew his pant length from other knee work!)

"No-- you don't understand!"

He was laughing and turned away and the woman he was with walked over to where we were, "Are you OK?"

He said, "You don't want to know!"

Later on I saw them in the store and they started laughing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teaching my Kinderlein to Read

I'm teaching my 3 youngest to read. The eldest of my Littles, Calamity Jane, is on the verge of breaking the code. She is in kindergarten and she has a handle on her letters and sounds. Today we were working on this and she did well as did Mudd. When we do this, I make "centers" where the guys to fun projects and are separated lest they harass one another. I may have blocks, puppets, or a craft that they can do.

Mudd is on the fast track to reading as well. He seems ambidextrous. I have nine children and at least a third are left handed-- nationally it's 10%. (Darrin says that "it's the top 10% who are left handed!") When we practice letters, he switches hands. When one hand tires, it goes into claw mode and the other takes over. He doesn't think much of it. I'm learning to write with my left hand to demonstrate for him. It's easier to do cursive rather than print.

Starshine learned to put a crayon behind her ear as we practiced writing today. She thought it made her look cool and had to go put them behind either ear then both, then back to one. She is so funny and looks at herself in the mirror and practices her smiles with the crayons there. She is almost three-- if she is like this as a teenager I fear it will be earrings and pretty clothes!

I'm also working with them on German. I love that language and after just a few days the words are occupying more of my mind and more comes back. I so much wish that I could go back there again. . . I sometimes crave the blood sausages and oh dear-- their freshly-picked fruits from Italy make ours up here (picked while still green) taste like cardboard. I want to eat their fruits again, and go hiking. I love speaking it whenever I can and Germans like you to try to speak their language so when I meet them I speak it.


I am on the computer a lot less. . . after a gentle rebuke from a fellow blogger, I stopped being on so late. (I'd started trolling after midnight. I was a friendly troll, but very chatty. . . I am wincing as I write this.) I realized that I spent way too much time bouncing to my favorite blogs. I quit this fast upon realizing it and got to my schoolwork. I am doing a lot more in the evenings and the quality improved immediately. (You know who you are and you are my academic cure for my ADHD.) Statistics is a mandated evil and I am doing it. I think of it as Listerine, a mouthwash. It had an ad in the 60's, "Listerine: I hate it but I use it." I think the same of statistics: I hate it but I do it. I switched to an easier science class and I hate that I have but I just need to get my degree. It's a biology class on the ecosystems of Alaska. While I took it knowing that it would be easier, I find that I love it so I put more into it. I just turned in a study on glaciers. I get to do artwork with it and sketch, so that helps. Sketching glaciers is amusing as I like to touch everything that I draw.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to the latest edition of the WWF: the 2008 Political Race (Where is John Edwards? He wouldn't be like this!)

I am disgusted with our governor, Sarah Palin. I cannot vote for her. Two years ago my family walked with her in parades and happily supported her, and she was so classy! There was a cat fight going on between Andy Halcro, Frank Murkowski, and John Binkely. I didn't like Frank because he was a dope-- he had the attitude of my massage teacher, "You won't like what I am doing but it's good for you." and he really shouldn't have done what he did, then run again. John Binkley looked inbred and used cheesy slogans and I hated his fliers in the mail-- and he sent a lot of them-- with his pictures! Ahhhh! I liked Andrew Halcro-- he was a businessman and would have been fascinating, like Lee Iacoccoa. You couldn't avoid loving Sarah though-- they'd slam her and she would respond with thanks because they'd supported her in the past. She was a ray of sunshine. (Oh-- with this post slamming her, if she saw it would she thank me for having supported her in the past? "Sorry, Sar, that was before I knew you just like it was with the others but we didn't listen to them!") When she ran in the general against Tony Knowels*, he was also classy.

Now the race has gotten bad with comments. She came out in her acceptance speech saying that she was a pit bull with lipstick and slammed the Democrats and belittled Obama. Excuse me, but that is the job of the media and bloggers. She is not acting without reproach. Sarah Palin is as dirty as the rest. I don't care if she is on a new level: excrement rises.

She is letting her fucking glasses and hair style be a talking point of the campaign, her hair style, and they are not talking issues. The Sarah Palin that I thought I knew would have never stood for that BS 2 years ago.

This woman has no connection to the working poor: she cut Denali Kid Care as governor! I know women who earn $15 an hour and are single moms (and there are plenty of single dads, too!) who need this. She made some cuts that hurt a lot of people. To save $15,000 a year which is not very much money, as mayor she made it so that rape victims would be charged for the post rape exam! The powers that were said that their insurance would be billed, but insurance gets billed and the policy owner pays the 20% co-payment. When I file with insurance I always get papers back clarifying the nature of the complaint. I cannot imagine!

There is a question as to whether or not Barack Obama made a remark about Sarah being a pig. Who gives a sh-- if he did call her one? She is with the big playahs now. Get over it! Barack isn't as classy as I'd like him to be, but John Edwards is out so we can expect nothing too wonderful.

Here's how I see it. John Edwards, a prince of a man who called a War on Poverty, had his political career shot when it was discovered that he had an affair when his wife had cancer. Why? I don't think it's fine and dandy to have affairs, but he was under great stress and I think that he needed the affection of his filming lady. I live in a high stress environment-- his message was also important to his wife who covered it up with him. If my husband screwed around on me, I'd not blame him. We have insane lives and I know it would probably seem great to him if someone started giving him affection when I am so strung out with the kids. How was John Edwards feeling? (I envision a slippery slope where he fell into it, on the road, calling home and needing support and his wife needing to talk of her chemo and needing his help. There is his film chick offering a back rub-- oh yeah. Sh-- happens. The only thing-- if you want to screw around, make sure a vasectomy works!) I would rather have a VP who can play ball, who understands the people and maybe fools around on his wife with one person than a VP whose "look" is more important than issues, who lives as a person who doesn't really need a second income and doesn't understand the struggles of a normal person.

I talk to my Fundie friends and they say the same things. Several have said that this is the will of God. God is consistent! It's Satan who comes as an angel then changes-- get it straight already. Last night one of my friends told me that Obama is Muslim-- he also said that Sarah's actions are the will of God. Change God and Allah and what did he sound like?

I am very, very sad to have seen this happen to her. I liked her and thought that she was great, but she's just like the rest.

Celtic Diva has a great story on what former guv, Tony Knowles and Ketchikan mayor Bob Einstein have to say about Sarah. She is as liberal as they come, but she is also careful about what she says and puts in her blog.

*Several years ago, Tony Knowles came to a picnic in my area. My family-- husband and I think seven kids at the time, our dog and the stoller, were all adorned in Republican pins and stickers. He ate a hotdog with us and we talked about his plans when Irealized how we were decked out. I stood up and motioned for everyone to take off their vests and TK noticed this and laughed. Did we think he'd not noticed this? I was laughing at myself at this point and he said, "Just remember that if my opponent wins (she would win, it was Lisa Murkowski, in spite of being daughter of Frank) I still represent you and my door will be open to you!" I just loved him! I think I voted for him because of that. He was also a chef and a businessman. He had been guv before. . . once he had lost an election and I went to his restaurant the next day with my parents not knowing that he owned it. He was there bright and early, "Would you like some Knowles Rolls?" My dad teased him, "These are real winners!"

Monday, September 08, 2008

Music, Corsets and Dentists

Do you love my music choice? I love David Soul and Bobby Sherman. Even though Bobby Sherman is old now, I think he's a stallion. I used to walk my gassy babies to "Julie-Julie-Julie do ya love me?" I love his voice, and David Soul is a complete babe. My sisters used to be "in love" with him.

I am getting another corset. My first is a basic one that I ordered from Romantasy. My waist, in spite of having not worn it every day or even half as much as I should have to break it in because even though summer was cool it was too hot for Tea, is down as far as the corset will go at 24". I started at 28" and had a deflated abdomen-- not fat by any means, just loose. Contrary to what doctors think when they hear of my corseting, it doesn't squeeze in my organs. Ann, the proprietress of this company, doesn't want her clients in pain.

The corset that I want will be leather-- a Sue Nice Victorian underbust, and my husband hates-hates-hates that I am doing this. He loves the results and the clothes that I wear with them, but he really doesn't like that I lace myself in to these things. I would like to get down to a 20" waist-- a little freaky, but not as small as I was before having children. I often wear conservative clothes-- I got scolded at church by a hen about not dressing mmodestly (I was fine-- she just thought I could do better than professional suits) and I think that when you get that hourglass figure, you really show off the modest clothes better! Could this be why women corseted in the earlier centuries? They couldn't show their legs or arms so instead of looking gender neutral, they corseted? I love how I look and feel in these. I'll probably be 60 wearing these things. (If I look like my mom, no one will know that I am 60!)

I'll be going 23/7 as soon as this gets broken in-- ordering takes a few weeks or months to get here. Hopefully I can be tightlacing by January.

I took the kids to the dentists today. I had 7 of them with me and we were there for 3 hours. They wanted me in back when the kids were being worked on. The assistant was really nice and she said that last time my children were there they told her why I hate dental assistants! Word for word! I can only imagine her amusement upon hearing my 8 year old tell her that they hire the most insipid bores who like to talk at dental offices! Oh dear goodness, that must have amused her! She is from Canada, recently learned to play violin (she is my age) and is quite intelligent. I was very happy to have spoken with her. She said that they would love to have me as a patient and I said I couldn't because she is too interesting and would complain of chatty patients! She is very dedicated and does a lot of volunteering in a community south of where I live that is renowned for it's drug use and parents passing the kids to the grand parents so they can stay stoned. I was very much enjoying her discussion and hearing of what she does.

In the wait room there was a drama going on-- they have a room for TV and it has three doors-- one to the regular waiting room, one to the main hallway of the business office building, and one to the dentists' offices. My six youngest thought the doors were really fun. They were not clamming thembut apparently opening them and sneaking around in to the room through the other ones. There is a window so the receptionists could keep an eye on them and they said that while the kids were not angels that they were at least original in how they teased one another.

I'm buying Guy a clarinet. Kids cost a lot of cash.

Interviews with ~My Good Friend John Hernandez~ about Sarah Palin

John Hernandez is a long time friend of my family and was a sportscaster in Anchorage in 1988 and he hired Sarah as an intern. Some terrible politics went on at the station and he had this sit with him for two decades wondering what would have happened because he really thought that Sarah would have been great, then about a month ago we hooked up at Facebook and started talking. (He's in California now.) I don't think that Sarah has a bigger fan than John!

Checkout his interview with Brandon Howse!




Her Fairbanks Life

Theresa Bakker writes a wonderful blog up in Fairbanks. Her latest piece is how I feel. I hope you check it out and read it!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eric Cordero!

Come one, come all
for Eric Cordero is not having a ball!
It is informal, a meet and greet!
It's easier than making him go round and wear out his feet!
He'd like you to help him raise a few bucks,
just bring him the money you aren't using dry cleaning a tux!

Integrity- vision- hard work in one man!
All women must want him and have him, we can!
But we must share him and send him to Juneau
First we must vote for him and win against Ms. "You-Know"

Go here for Eric's blog!

I checked out the BnB where this is happening. I WANT A ROOM AT THIS PLACE LATER ON THIS WINTER. Check out the Arctic Rose Room-- does this not look great?

by Roethke: The Waking

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

We think by feeling. What is there to know?
I hear my being dance from ear to ear.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Of those so close beside me, which are you?
God bless the Ground! I shall walk softly there,
And learn by going where I have to go.

Light takes the Tree; but who can tell us how?
The lowly worm climbs up a winding stair;
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Great Nature has another thing to do
To you and me, so take the lively air,
And, lovely, learn by going where to go.

This shaking keeps me steady. I should know.
What falls away is always. And is near.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I learn by going where I have to go.


I loved this poem in high school-- I just found it on the internet when one of my kids needed a poem. I still like it.

A Fantasy for My Living Room

I have a long-time fantasy about buying a shoeshine chair for my living room so I can massage my husband's feet. Don't get me wrong-- I do not have a foot fetish or anything kinky (not that there is anything wrong with that!) As a person who has a family history of arthritis and hands and feet that react to barometric pressure, I fully intend to get return work on this! I can think of no better feeling in the world to give or receive.

The problem is that they cost $5,000 and more. I don't want something that is chrome and vinyl. I want something that is real wood, leather upholstered and beautiful to look at. I showed Darrin what I want and he agrees that it will be very nice-- a little odd because it looks almost like a throne, but he says he is sure that he can get used to sitting in it! I asked what I need to do to be able to learn to make it and he thinks that I need a couple of saws that he already needs for finishing the bathroom. We are going to Lowe's this evening to look at some books to start me on something simple-- I always need book cases, so this is the best place to start, with a book case.

I paint and used to love-love-love to do envelope art, but my muse has been abducted by aliens and I have absolutely no desire to paint any more. While I am short on time and have the proverbial nine irons in the fire at all times, I still need my meditative outlet. I hope that woodworking will be something that I take a liking to. Even if I don't, my husband still needs the tools.

We are getting a friend from church to make a little storage unit for us and we will be making the garage a place to saw and do things of this nature. My mother loves getting things from me in the mail and perhaps I will create things and put postage on them and mail them to her.

I want to get massage oils (light vegetable oil from the grocery store with essential oils to perfume it) and electric booties and nail clippers and files to store inside this chair.

I hope this won't be the greatest thing that I do-- I would love to do the scroll work on bigger things and do something nice. My mom had a lovely Duncan Fyfe dining room set that I was inspired by and antiques-- OMG, she had some beautiful antiques. That woodwork stands out in my mind. Hopefully I will get my sons involved and they might have a vested interest in not breaking things!

Oh-- A Fantasy for My Liquor Cabinet: Bacon Flavored Vodka. If you can ferment it, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm going to try making this. Mmmm. Bacon! Don Yovicsin is a hero to me!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sigh. . . not what I'd expected!

The other day thought about Naomi Joy, the newlywed in our blogosphere who has new nice things and is entertaining and enjoying the first months of wedded bliss. I was at the thrift store buying more plates and bowls. 20 years ago this year I got married the first time and I had a pretty new stoneware pattern from Pfalzgraf called Yorktowne. For our wedding, my Aunt Donna gave us a 16 person place setting. I laughed while I unpacked it, how could I ever use all of it? My ex was a military officer and we entertained a bit and it was fun. (I called myself a COW-tess, a Commissioned Officer's Wife and drove him apesh--. He was only in the National Guard but tried to be Mr. Officer. I had a chic black evening suit that he wanted me to wear to an event and I bought a little black hat with netting, over the top in AK, that I had a seamstress make with a cow pattern on it. He was furious over my little joke, but everyone else loved it! He married a woman who is as rigid as he is.)

I came home with my .25 and .50 cent bowls and was unpacking them. I only have a gravy boat, salt n' pepper shakers and a few plates left from that pattern-- everything else has broken over the last 2 decades from moving and children trying to step fast from the kitchen when I walk in to see what the noise is in the middle of the night. My husband offered to buy me some more of it because matching plates used to be a requirement for my happiness. Now-- I cannot fathom how we could spend the money on it. I buy blue and white tableware at the thrift store when I see it, knowing that children under 16 and china and hardwood (OK, laminate) floors don't mix.

I have some pretty tableware that I buy from a local store when it goes on sale in my bedroom closet. Once the kids grow up, it is coming out. When I am alone, I take this wonderful stuff out. It's often on Sunday mornings when I do my schoolwork and my husband takes the kids to church. I take out tea and make scones, or just grab a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Enough about Being a Mom, Miss Sarah!

Our governor needs to quit talking about being a mom and get on the real issues. She is running for VP, not Princess of Wales. It's been one week since my mother roused me out of a peaceful slumber to look at the news, and all I have heard about is Sarah being a mother and Bristol being about to be a mother. ENOUGH ALREADY. I have met the governor and I honest to God like her and lean right, but let the kids stay home from now until election day, Guv. You have to stand on your own now. Princess Diana said, "I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them," but this isn't what you are up for! McCain already has a wife, but you are allowing the press to put you almost into a wife-like role. It is time to start speaking to reporters and answering the hard questions. We have the general election in just 7.5 weeks (4 November 2008.)

Sarah Palin's lack of military knowledge is something that I don't believe. Alaska lives next door to an unstable country, Russia, which has nuclear warheads. I've lived near military bases in the past (and watched TopGun!) and have heard about (but never confirmed) that the pilots of both countries push boundaries in each direction. You'd suspect it even if you'd not heard of it-- and what I heard was from other kids the way they tell ghost stories. Wouldn't the governor of Alaska need to have a "highly-unlikely-need-but-just-in-case-plan" if they invaded? Surely with Alaska depending on the military economically (they have two huge bases in Anchorage and when Congress has shut a few down, entire communities have been hurt bad) she understands their importance. When military bases close, Alaskans worry. When troops deploy, businesses in the areas close to the base get hit hard.

North Korea is one sortie away from us. THAT has scared me for a while, nothing like the Beloved Father wanting to take over our oil fields or thinking that the US would have a rough time defending us.

Alaska exports fish and barley to Asia. Does the governor know about this? Surely she must have had some experience in dealing with these nations, and this needs to be discussed and highlighted.

I really want to know what she knows about the Constitution and how she will bring us back to what the Founding fathers intended.

I hope that very soon Sarah quits speaking of family as her only speaking point. She certainly has a job lined up with James Dobson if the VP doesn't work out and she doesn't make a second term as governor. For now, I need to know other things, I'm sick of hearing what she has done and I want to know what she is going to do and how what she has done and what she knows will make her the natural choice for this. I don't want to hear about Obama from her or John McCain.

This is all I have for now. For further reading I highly suggest that you read What Do I Know and Progressive Alaska. Both of these guys are professors at UAA-- I think What do I Know is retired, and they are wise. They do lean very left, but you have to read the other point of view and consider what they are saying even if you don't agree with them. If you can't challenge your ideas, then you are not growing and you are intellectually dead.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Interesting Day

I took my homeschooled kindergartener to a place that does a fairytale morning with a story and math and fun things. The teacher kept giving me funny looks and said that she knew she knew me but I did not think I'd ever seen her. Turns out she was good friends with a friend who is now a Ph.D. She and said friend did a lot of "crazy" things. It was fun to see that we all grow up. I kept thinking, "Sandy? You seem like you never did anything wrong EVER!" I still couldn't place her face with the person I once knew. She was so cute with the little kids, too.

One of the women kept calling the children "kiddo" and I found myself wanting to thwack her on the head. I called the kids "kinderlein" and "susskinder" louder than she was talking. Kiddo just irritates me. I think a dental assistant called me that once. I really do not like dental assistants. I always end up with really good dentists who pick the most insipid females to join them, then they say stupid things to me. I digress!

I couldn't believe how fast the class went.

On the playground the other mothers and I were talking. When I was 20 or even 38, I would make fun of the mothers, how they had little mommy groups, but you know something? This is my life! I don't know why I didn't run from them today but we were joking about the kids and I was actually getting along with them instead of acting like a rebellious teenager, wanting to be as much not like them as possible, and I enjoyed it. This is my life for now. I am down to my last three babies, and maybe I want to enjoy it for a bit. Maybe I can enjoy it for a bit for the first time. I love looking at how Starshine looks so much like Peaches when she was her age, and how the kids interact. Starshine has a bob just like Peaches did and a symetrical face-- I gave her a waterspout on top of her head with her hair, a little top knot. It was so cute.

When we ate, the little children ran up to me at the stove with little bowls and oh dear, they were cute! Little cries of, "My tuuuuurrrrrn." (turn) when they did things and took turns.

I'm annoyed with politics-- right now it's with the press but I reserve the right to be annoyed with the republicans or dems next week! They are having issues over Cindy McC's outfit from last night. Why would they make comments about that? Good for her that she can afford expensive clothes and really nice shoes! I hope to one day have pretty things like she has, most likely not in excess, but you know, it would be lovely to have a little of it. Why do people want to tear her down instead of building her up and saying, "May we all have it half as good!" and toast her!

More later-- my Stephen Colbert is on.

To Pray Without Ceasing. . .

The news is too negative. Today I speak of something else!

My husband got back from a trip a few days ago and for what ever reason, he was on me for not making the kids more religious. To me, I pray often and they see it. I have an occasional sewer mouth. I often cover my hair when I feel like I need to. I cannot explain it. I am not trying to be the cute little babushki in my church unless I feel like I need to be. I pray constantly. I have two penpals in what I can only say is a hell. I have another penpal fighting in Iraq. I write letters of encourgament to people in bad places. I have children who are friends with kids who have issues. I have much to pray about. One of my monk-priests noticed this, my well worn prayer beads and my prayer rope, he said that we had a lot in common.

Yesterday Tiger called me. Work had her by the court house but I can't say what she does. I was in a horrible battle with my ex for a few years and she said that she hates going near there but went to the nearby Catholic church before she went, lit a candle for her own bad feelings about being near there and another for the people who went in and came out sad. She prayed for the judges and the lawyers. She told me that while she worked that she saw people looking sad when they went in and that they came out looking worse. Or sometimes going in looking arrogant and came out looking smirky or sad. She saw her dad's lawyer and told me what a sad person she is-- in that she could tell that she liked her job and she is a mean person. (My former lawyer hates family law.) I was proud of her in how she told me that she prayed for so many people as she worked-- just that she was aware and felt like she was doing something for them. She said that she always gets to thinking about our battle around the first of the school year remembering what her dad pulled many years ago and it helps her get past this time by praying because she knows there are other victims.

I have often wanted at least one of my children to go into law or politics but she says that to be good in either, you need to work For the Establishment and that is to be part of the problem. She asked me to not wish that on her or the others, that we can best serve by letting the ones in power know of the struggles that they can make lighter and by praying. She would have lunch near there and sit at a table with a few lawyers as there was no place to eat at a single table. She told them about her experience in court and they asked what was done to give her the outlook she had and she told them what to tell the parents. She also told them to tell people off the bat that they didn't have time to screw with people's lives for vendettas against former spouses, and to get lawyers for the kids instead of themselves to see if it was worth it. She may one day have an effect. . . that is some forward thinking there.

I wonder if my husband realizes that she is not lacking in religion or prayer. I like how she is turning out.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

With all things being considered, I will vote for the party most into supporting what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Modern Formula for Republican Politics: Planned or Mere Coincidence?

Ropi & Non-Americans: You cannot care about this. Be back this weekend and I promise that I will write about something else. I am presently sick of the drama surrounding her.

I think that the Great Political Machine has adapted to American Pop Culture and that they are following a time honored formula for keeping the country focused on them. It's like a Republican Movie Formula. Someone else can flesh this out better, but I am a busy person and I don't have much time to write about something that I am annoyed that I am caught up in. Please feel free to send me a note by leaving a message and I will put a link in this article for your post.

The leading movies needed 1) a young inexperienced characters with flaws that help them become better, 2) a wise omniscient character who is earth-bound unless he or she is not, 3) eye candy for the ladies, 4) characters that walk along side the young'un, 5) something to distract the audience and it helps to be annoying. They have to defeat something depicted as scary for which if not defeated all hell will break loose to the destruction of the known world.

Read on!

What They Seek

Republican Political Race: The Residency in the White House (power)

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Get The Powerful Ring destroyed

Star Wars: Destroy the Dark Side

Wizard of Oz: Get to Oz

Harry Potter: Destroy Voldermort

The Wise Old Adviser:

Political Political Race: John McCain

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Gandalf

Star Wars: Obi Wan, Yoda

Wizard of Oz: Good Witch

Harry Potter: Dumbledore

The Nemesis

Republican Political Race: Obama

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Sauron

Star Wars: Darth Vader

Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch

Harry Potter: Voldermort

Young Inexperienced Star

Republican Political Race: Sarah Palin (Got that, Obama? Don't fall into the trap of calling MY GUV inexperienced! It's a trap!)

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Frodo or Bilbo

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker

Wizard of Oz: Dorothy

Harry Potter: Harry Potter

Side Kicks that Go 'Round with Them:

Republican Political Race: The Immediate Family of Sarah Palin

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: SamWise

Star Wars: Han Solo, Princess Leah

Wizard of Oz: TinMan, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow

Harry Potter: Ron, Herimone

Annoying Distraction that Plays Critical Role in Success of Inexperienced Star:

Republican Political Race: Pregnant Daughter and Boyfriend (In the state election this was Sean Parnell when she ran for governor.)

Lord of the Rings: Golum, Merry & Pippin

Star Wars: Jar-Jar Binks, C3PO and R2D2 (I'm not dissing R2D2)

Wizard of Oz: To-To, Munchkins

Harry Potter: Malfoy Jr.

Handsome Stallion-- Eye Candy to attract female viewers

Republican Political Race: Either Todd Palin or Levi Johnston-- could we have them both there for the femmes who otherwise are not persuaded to vote for Sarah or McC?

Lord of the Rings: Legolas, Aragorn

Star Wars: Han Solo

Wizard of Oz: not sure

Harry Potter: Luscious Malfoy

Great Quote of Show

Republican Political Race: I hope it's not Sarah's 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling remark. It will probably be Sarah's 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling remark.

Lord of the Rings: "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" (Sam to Frodo) Sam also said that some things are worth fighting for, as Frodo wanted to give up. I can't find it but I cry when it's said.

Star Wars: "No, I am your father." (Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker)

Wizard of Oz: "Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think: There's no place like home." (Good Witch to Dorothy.)

Harry Potter: "If you want to know what a man's like, see how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." Sirius Black


This is what I have so far-- please expand on this! In each movie they travel all over the place and fight battles-- this is what the parties do. The comparisons are many and it would be silly if no one has tapped in on this movie formula that we are used to. I am not crazy about movies so it won't go over well with me.

Here is a decent article on the governor's accomplishments.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Pathetic Hype: The First Daughter with a First Grand Baby

I was not going to write about this but I am anyway. Our governor's 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

On one hand I am happy for the Guv. I am looking forward to grand parenthood but I am happy for the sake of my children who are of child bearing years that I won't be blessed soon. With what the Alaskan court system put my daughters through in a custody battle, they told me that they would have an abortion if they thought they might have to deal with that. Yes, there were times that they wished they'd not been born with what my ex & his lawyer pulled on them.

I think back on my own life and I was pregnant and married at 18 and divorced with 2 kids by the time I was 21. My ex and I were both American Evangelicals (not a denomination-- just a term that I am using for the movement of people who belong to Protestant churches, much less demeaning than Fundies or, "Christian Fundamentalists.") I was on the Sponge which has an 89% effectiveness rate-- too low for a college-bound girl, I think.

The Gov likes abstinence education. Abstinence education is a crock of nonsense; it teaches girls to ride bareback because their hormones are going crazy but they don't want to get birth control because they are good girls. I have a good friend in Israel and she is an Orthodox Jew. They don't need to worry-- starting from an early age, girls and boys are not left alone together. She was raised in Wisconsin and went over there and liked that. She wasn't alone with her husband until after they got married. I like that! Do I think it should be mandated? I think it should be taught; abstinence education doesn't work unless you don't have sex! You have family and participants who are committed to practicing it which means that temptation and opportunity are not issues.

I have no doubt that Bristol will succeed in life. Having a baby this early, she will probably be like a lot of teenagers, myself included, who literally give birth and can bounce in and take a test the next day without hardly studying. Her figure will come back fast and everyone will think she's an au pair. She will graduate from high school, go to college and hopefully like her husband and their love will mature and they will have a long marriage like her mom has with her dad. I hope that the two of them, Levi and Bristol, bring out each others' strengths. Will he be intoxicated with his mother-in-law's job and the fame and pressure that goes with it?

Am I successful? My mom says I am. The woman who was running a company at my age says that my teen pregnancy was fuel for some of my work, and she says that my 9 children are well behaved and fun to be with. My teen pregnancy shaped me-- I didn't become the commercial artist or Christian counselor that I'd hoped to be, living in a condo in San Diego with a yellow Miata and not having sex until I married at 36 ;) , but it didn't define me. I am nothing compared to what she was at my age, but she says that she comes to Alaska to meet her grand kids, not run around and revisit places where she struck business deals.

I think that Bristol being pregnant at 17 hurts her mother's push for abstinence education. It just doesn't work once the hormones hit and you have to be able to monitor them all the time if you honest to God expect it to work until they are 18. One of my kids accused me of just not trusting her. I cackled, "Damn right I don't! You are my daughter!" Later she told me that when they did get some time alone that he was an octopus and she told him that she was glad that he wasn't afraid of having unprotected sex with the daughter of a woman who had conceived her ninth child while on birth control. I trusted my daughter after that, but not the boyfriends, although it did have a good effect on him that things cooled off right away!