Monday, July 26, 2010

And things get better. . .

Fortunately my sadness abated today as I took my 14 yo daughter out looking. By the end of the second hour, she was guessing prices accurately on houses and thier number of bedrooms and how big the acerage was. To say that I was impressesed is an understatement. At one point she said, "Four and three quarter acres. Lake view. Five bedrooms. $715,000. They will take $685,000." I split hairs-- what was 4 and 3/4 acres over 5? She said to me, "Look at the hill. It cuts off over there and I saw a lake on the other side."

She explained to me some other things that she saw at a glance, how other homes were being priced. She is turning into my mother with her eye for detail in the blink of an eye. I always thought my mom was psychic but her sixth sense probably has more to do with observation and mental figuring than anything else.

She was the same with places more in our price range and was calculating other factors. Could this girl become a real estate ace? I have to say that I'd not trade the day for anything, really-- my daughter showed a head for business. I will call my mom and tell her and she will be thrilled.
Basil got his cast off-- he broke his arm 6 weeks ago and he'd wanted to take it off on his own a few times (he is 11, my skateboarder.) He got it off today and felt terrible-- all those nerves that were quieted on his arm were not liking the new sensations. He asked the doctor for a brace (no way, he needed to start using it) and he came home and took a shower and got the dead skin off. Now he is pretty used to it. "Mom, may I go to the skateboard park?
"What would your doctor say?
"Never mind."

Lingering in Limbo

I have a very frusterated post about building-- the house is not going up as we cannot afford it. I am shocked as I only suggested it in the beginning and after a summer of hearing how it will start "next week" and keeping me in the dark, I know it will not go up.

My original post was derogratory about my husband and while I mean it. I probably should wait a few days and think about it first. It was not written in anger.

I had hoped to be writing about rebuilding or finding a happy new house. I am not. Now I am sadder than I was right after the fire.