Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mourning the aluminum foiled Ding-Dong of my lost youth

Last week I was taking the kids to Wonderland Park and decided to buy a snack for us at 3 Bears. I don't buy pre-made snacking stuff very often because it's so expensive. I buy fresh fruit for a little extra, but the kids all really wanted Ding-Dongs. It had been over 10 years since I bought them. You may imagine my utter shock to find them wrapped in plastic instead of aluminum foil! I was p-ssed!

Anyway, we went to the park and ate them and the kids played, but I bought some more en route home and contemplated a poem about the loss of truth without aluminum foil of the Ding Dongs of my youth. I took a picture and my kids kept popping up! This one is of Mudd running in asking me, "Are you going to eat that?"


Ropi said...

I usually eat bananas, grapes and apples or my grandmother's or my mother's cake. I ate bought chocolate quite rarely.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I'm the same way now, Istvan. . . I used to eat chocolate every chance I could, but for the last year or two, I've not been that enamored with it. I prefer fruit pies, fruit tarts (minus the stupid glaze, thank you very much) and eating them as fresh as possible.

Palm Springs Savant said...

You know, I am willing to admit that my tastes may have changed a tiny bit since I was a kid, but I am SURE those ding dongs, devil dogs and hostess cupcakes just do NOT taste the same anymore.

GDad said...

Mudd's the one with the genius ability to see things from a different perspective, right?

Ding-Dongs in plastic... That's not right.

My word verification is "thering". I wonder if Frodo is around somewhere.

Olivia said...

Actually, Ding Dong's ARE plastic. Seriously! I was never into them, then one day i decided to try one to see what everyone was so excited about, and it felt very fake.

When you say you used to eat chocolate, do you mean milk chocolate? That stuff is evil. YOu should have a couple of squares of dark chocolate every now and then, it's much more enjoyable, IMO. I recommend Dove or World Market's own brand.