Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is a post from trying out for a play that I may have written a while back.


I am venting. I know that I shouldn't have taken it so personally but I have.

The try-outs were not good. Everyone at the try-outs knew each other. There was a stunning lady of a certain nationality who I expect will get a part. A woman past a certain age who had long hair and a top knot was there and she was very good who will probably get the part of the _____, and one of Peaches’s teachers from _____ High who was terrific for the lead will probably get the part that I was trying out for. This is not said with bitterness but rather a sense of defeat.

I did the first part of memorized dialogue pretty well, then it came to script reading. Four people went up and read. Then I went up, reading for the female lead. I was originally planning to stay knowing that the teacher would get the role, but they didn’t fill in all the people for MY reading so I was reading off the assistant director. Then she cut me off and called for the next people. She filled all of them (including the lady from the other country) and they read through to the end of the scene just as they did with the teacher.

I recognize writing on the wall and acted like I got an emergency text message and excused myself. As I was leaving, the director asked if I was coming back tomorrow. I said that I hoped so, only because if I was really in a rush I’d not get ticked like I was and say, “Why are you asking me that? So I can waste our time?”
Surely they know that everything the directors do is being read into. Do they like me? Am I good enough? They were expecting 30 people to show up, not the 6 that showed up.

It is not anyone's fault, but I really hate being asked to hang around just so I can be told that I am not what they are looking for.

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Ropi said...

We had compulsory drama class at Elementary School and I hated it. We had to perform a story. I acted a young and iron fisted governor. I ended my term unlike Sarah Palin. :P