Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I took a stupid quiz that is quite accurate!
I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!


Gledwood said...

I don't need to do the quiz to know which Austen heroine I'd be: EMMA no shadow of a doubt. Quite bright, easily sidetracked, also dumbfoundingly stupid when the mood takes me... yeah that's EMMA in a nutshell.

Thanks for your comment at mine I did answer it (I don't know how well) I wanted to address the situation without spouting a load of platitudes so as I say I don't know how well I did it.

One thing I did say is that my situation and probably your situation have something in common that perhaps, do you think, we have both learned not to judge anybody else's suffering because they don't know ours. They haven't walked in our shoes, we haven't walked in theirs, certainly not for that proverbial mile. I know you could tell yourself "it could have been worse" (in ways I won't go into you know what I mean) but it was bad enough. That's why although I occasionally get someone who seems to think I'm self pitying I'm only trying to tell the mess i got myself into how it is. If anyone thinks I'm trying to say "I suffered more than anyone ever suffers" they really are reading their own feelings, not mine! Know what I mean.

Sorry I can't say anything else, as I say I don't want to launch into platitudes and nothing I say is going to make anything easier for you. I know what happened was very difficult ... and I'll leave it there.

Take care.

You know I go to NA because they have this Serenity I'm after.

You know there might well be a group for people in your situation. You could even start one online if you think it would help... just an idea. If you can help somebody else it's a way of turning your own hurt into something worthwhile.

I hope this doesn't sound patronizing. I don't know what you've done lately as I've been very much lost in my own existence, which has been very confusing. I'm now seeing a psychiatrist because the mood swings I finally plucked courage to tell them about (that is more "bipolar" than just depression) do seem to be turning into something pretty extreme. Not all the time, but in "episodes" (how I loathe that word, makes my life sound like a television series)... so that's where I've been recently.

I hope you're OK. Take care :-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sometimes those quizzes make me crazy, but deep down I enjoy the results!