Friday, April 24, 2009

I am so proud of my baby!

One of the sweetest things to have happen is happening. Today Tiger (eldest child, 20 years old) invited me to come see her first department at the store where she works so this afternoon I went in to say hi and the store manager walked me through his store and showed me around while she worked. He knows that she is on her own, but he was pretty happy to show off his store and brag about it, so he told me things about the jobs he's worked there, his own life and things he has done-- it was like he wanted to let her mom know that it was a good place. When she came to us in her department, she told him how I made her take a certain class at another school that she didn't want to take, and how she had been a snarly little monster about going and how I'd pick her up every day and she was just mad. (Tiger is a physical person and this class was for her.)

She has been at this place for barely 3 months and that she is quite young surprised me that she was hired. He said it could be said that "that class" and her "inborn class" that got her the promotion. That made me feel fantastic. Another person came over and asked if I was the mom with so many kids and I was like, "Here we go again. . ." and Tiger said that she had used on her resume about handling people that she was the eldest of 10 kids. They didn't violate any personal stuff-- it was just so cool to have someone so proud of his store and then happy with my child. . .

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GDad said...

Great job, Mom!