Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm worn out and it's not even summer yet!

Around tax time, we bought stuff to redo our bathroom. Our garage is already crowded with stuff, lots and lots of stuff, but instead of cleaning it, my husband set things side for what we needed for the bathroom. Since summer is coming, a lot can be taken out like the porch swing and the kids' wading pool for the back yard.

We were in the middle of Lent and there was no way we could find the time for fixing up the bathroom. Before we start that, I need to fix up his and my bathroom (the master bath) and I have no place to put his tools and what we have in there.

Clutter goes into my bedroom. I cannot stand it. I feel very, very trapped in my own house. It's not terrible-terrible, but I cannot wait for my husband's next trip where I can go on a cleaning spree and get rid of STUFF that he won't miss. I will toss my own stuff, too-- or take it to Bishop's Attic. It's hard to get rid of things with your other half is saying, "Hey! You should sell that on Ebay!"

Two of the kids have been having problems at school. It turns out that Basil's friends have been harassing Guy. Basil is not sure how to handle it because he finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. He tried saying, "He's my brother-- leave him alone." but one of them shoulder butted him and he told me that continuing to use his words was pointless because it was going to get physical. Guy told the teacher and she called me. She thought that Basil should have stood more by his brother, but he was really not able to do much other than ask them to stop. This has been why Basil has not wanted Guy to speak to him at school.

The school is taking care of it-- the principal is taking care of the kids and just talking to them and Guy was laughing when I told him that the kids will have to do a character class.

Today I spent an afternoon feeling like a complete failure for not doing anything that I had dreamed of in the last 20 years except driving kids places. I was feeling like a spent female salmon, then I got a call from Tiger. She just got a promotion to "manager" in a certain place and doubled her salary and has benefits! I'll talk more on this later, but she's only been at this place for a couple of months and they love her and are promoting her in spite of her age and short time there! She is moving in with her boyfriend to an apartment and really has it together. It's so nice to see my eagle doing well-- I just hope that I will start happening soon, too! Her boyfriend also got a promotion in a different field. She has become an official firefighter. I am so happy with her! And yes, I am proud of myself for raising her. My daughter got a promotion and thought to call me first and thank me for certain things that I specifically did to help her! What a great kid I have! (I'm rich with things I cannot lose!)

May the others be so well adjusted-- and may Tiger continue her success!

At Pascha last weekend I realized that if Christ has been here, that I will miss the Second Coming because I will be taking my children to the bathroom. The above picture is of my bulletin from church on Pascha. In the bigger picture that I have, you can see shoe prints in the petals. It's really kind of cool.

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Ropi said...

Well, school confrontations are not so extraordinary things. You need to keep an eye on that but it is not so dangerous. I am not sure I am right since I have never been harrased.

We have our taxing season as wekk which cause a lot trouble to my mother.