Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Middle school is a drag

Today a young person came home from a dance, very much devastated. At an age when sports should be prevalant, her hormones are running. The boy she asked to dance with her told her that he didn't dance with other guys. At 16 a response of this nature will get blown off as the guy being immature, but today there was something wrong, in this person's mind, with herself. No one would slow dance with this attractive young woman; she wants to be held by one of the immature boys who seem so cool and so detatched and above it all. The young woman is not immature, but she is very smart and very sensitive.

Middle School dances are really a snake pit.

My own 14 year old will not be happy when I announce that no one under 16 gets to go out on dates or to dances, but I am backed up on this by my 21 and 20 year old daughters who always went to the movies or to friends houses instead of dances.


Anonymous said...

You know boys are not good dancers usually, so I was relieved that my girlfriend wants to go to the Flower Exhibition instead. :D

Palm Springs Savant said...

Those events were always exciting and scary at the same time for me. All the boys lined up on one side of the gymnasium and acted cool while the girls all giggled and danced. Hmmm all so strange looking back now.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Ropi-- you lucked out with your gf! You will never be part of the norm and I thank God for that! While everyone else is follwoing the latest trend, you are expanding your mind!

Rick-- had I known you in middle school, I am sure I'd have been (wontonly throwing myself at you) airbrushing pictures of you with a glass of brandy in your hand. You were born sauve and dashing and a couple classes ahead of everyone!