Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm in, Up to My Neck!

I'll fill y'all in in a bit about what I have been up to. Long story short, I volunteered for something with some cool ideas which were asked for. The person in charge said, "Great!" and handed me some equipment to go off and do it with. I am up late editing. In the past month I have been learning much, now I am learning the software. My husband just laughed at me, "Will you ever light somewhere?"

Do you like the pictures? These are Sea Princess's grandson, Apollo and great-grand-filly, Spritzer. My father bred Apollo from Sea Princess's son, Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold and sold him to Lynne and Lynne is doing great things with him. This is my dad's branch that he started. Apollo has the spirit that his grandmother and father had. Are these not the most amazing horses you have ever seen? (You have to check out Moonpie at Lynne's ranch! She's also Apollo's daughter. Don't get on me about her being Spritzer's daughter and Apollo being her father and grandfather-- horses can do that.)

In the music to the left, I am playing Dan Fogelburg's Run for the Roses. At 2:42 is someone in Princesses' line-- I think that is Genius Bourbon King who all these horses are related to. I can't find this picture online but I know I've seen it in all the books on Saddlebreds. Note the line in these magnificent horses. They share his amazing inheritance! Saddlebreds are born to show off-- they are the peacocks of the show ring. My dad's horses didn't just graze and eat grass-- they'd strut around and show off, even in pastures where no one was watching. If Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts were horses, they'd be American Saddlebreds. William Shatner raises them which doesn't surprise me. (As I understand it, he named one of his horses after himself and I never tired of asking my dad when he'd breed one of his horses with William Shatner. my jokes were unoriginal but we both laughed anyway at the names we came up with.) Please enjoy this!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Beautiful horses! Years ago, I used to have a horse and loved riding :)


GDad said...

Beautiful animals.