Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some more artwork--

This, like Wile E. Coyote, is gouache resistance. It is not easy to control. The postage stamps are of a lighthouse and a luxury boat. My friend who got this liked it and framed it in her office. Her address went at the bottom of the card. My message went on the back.

To me the stamps are often as important as the message. This lady is an employee trainer who works with hard-to-place clients. My message was along the lines of, "I made this and thought of you!" She has often said that in her job she is a lighthouse bring people's ships in. She also loves luxury (her husband has a gorgeous boat) and the sleek boat is a tribute to that!

My favorite medium for my art is envelops and post cards. I don't like making cards so much because I like the element of surprise with the post office-- hand canceling my work, they become part of the artwork and make it more alive. On Wile E., I needed extra postage and I explained to the clerk my theory on art. I gave her the money and told her to choose a stamp and put it on. She laughed so hard at me getting excited, "See? Now it is alive!"

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