Monday, May 12, 2008

Sucked into Anime

I will be posting some of my artwork tonight.

I just drew myself in anime but I don't know what my superpower will be. I had to draw the kids. And the dog. And the cats and all my friends. My kids like it and I thought it was cool. Now I'm obsessed. I'll just show my own pic for now and some other works that I have turned into post cards with gouache resistance. I'm getting used to drawing with colored pencils-- I never used them as I didn't knwo how to blend them. I'm just learning the medium.

This is a Donny Osmond song, believe it or not. I think that Donny is a stallion even though I was too young to appreciate him during his heyday. I like this anime version.


GDad said...

I look forward to seeing your anime self.

steve said...

I'm afraid I didn't appreciate Donny Osmond durnig his heyday--he seemed to be the Pat Boone of the 1970s. Maybe that's unfair. But then I was into the folk scene and groups like the Incredible String Band. My wife, son, and daughter Anne are heavily into anime. In fact, Kathleen is trying to learn Japanese and may very well succeed. I'm looking forward to seeing an anime version of you.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

He WAS a 1970's Pat Boone-- I liked Pat in leather when he sang with Metallica. (Didn't he sing with Metallica?) If you watch Weird Al's song, White & Nerdy, he is dancing in the back ground. Once you see him, he is unmistakable! Do you like the link to the song?