Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Spelling Bee

My son Basil is going to be in the school spelling bee. He is excited and is now spelling every word in every sentence that he says to me. Fortunately the spelling be is in six weeks and not in six months! The kid is smart, not Einstein brilliant, but he is smart. He'll do well.

When I was his age, there was a girl who for reasons I've yet to understand called me "Stupid." Or "Stoop" for short. In the spelling bee, I made it to the last round. She was knocked out the first round with "thesaurus." She only called me "Stoop" once after the bee and I said, "Who's Stoop when YOU make up other ways to spell THESAURUS, Bridey McDaniels! Can you find a new name for me now?" (Her name is made up-- but she hated anyone saying her full name after that.)

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Ropi said...

I am moving up on the scale. I used to be declared as one of the worst at English and today when we got back our tests I was the second option for the nomination for "the writer of the best test". I was indeed second but the first nominee did worse than I.
My opinion at Maths and History was always highly appreciated. At Maths even the guy who is far better than anyone took my idea into consideration. That's an honour.