Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Does Jesus Know about Monkeys?"

My husband and I were discussing the Resurrection of Christ and son Mudd was considering this and asked, "Will the monkeys be there?" We had a very sweet conversation with him about only people being at God's judgment and that while there probably won't be any monkeys there, Jesus loves people who love all the monkeys!


Ropi said...

I saved my parents from religious questions.

Olivia said...


*feels like she turned left at the wrong star and ended up in another galaxy*

naina said...


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steve on the slow train said...

There was an old Twilight Zone episode where an Appalachian-type guy and his dog were trying to get through the gates of heaven. But the dog couldn't get in. After quite some time trying, he decides to walk on down the road. There he meets another country boy, who tells him that those were the gates of Hell--that there were plenty of dogs in Heaven, which was just down the road. St. Augustine wouldn't approve, but I like the Twilight Zone version.

P.S. I thought Orthodox Christians observed the old Julian calendar, where everything was about 2 weeks later.

GDad said...

I hate to get all Andy Rooney here, but did you ever notice how the word "monkey" makes just about anything funnier?

Suit -> Monkey suit.

Cash register -> Cash register monkey.

Trunk -> trunk monkey.