Monday, February 09, 2009

I am almost at the end. . .

of a science course. I took an incomplete in it and now I am nearing the finish line to complete the thing. I loved the course (it's on natural science) and I am ready to be through.

I took the statistics test last week and failed it, but I had psyched myself over it. I realized that I could have notes. I relied on them when I could have relied on the class. I make mostly B's on my homework, so I should have gotten it. I learned some valuable lessons about statistics. i did have a couple of profs who liked their 75% drop out rate, but this class is taught by a prof online who wants to make it as easy as possible. I could have gotten it and I had to do it the way I did.

Last week I had bunches of sick kids. I came down with the flu and a fever. I was crying in my sleep. I had it for two solid days-- the kids had it for maybe 24 hours and it was "lite."

I have been ready to gobble up my husband over the last month. He was ignoring everything with stuff going on at work. Over the last weekend, he called one of my friends over to the house and took me out and he kept pouring me Maragritas in spite of me having reacted to alcohol for the last few years. I'd have no reaction, and tempt fate with a glass of wine the next day. Did the naturopath's vitamin cure help me not get a painful rash on my feet, or was it something that she recognized as a mental thing that I could get rid of on my own and decided that I needed a placebo? Placebo or a vitamin working really well in just ten days, I am not complaining. I don't drink that often and Lent is about to start, so I won't know if it really worked. I am impressed with the reaction, but it must be a placebo. Two other doctors had seen this on my feet and had no idea what it was, but I didn't pursue it because they didn't know where to start and it wasn't killing me. I only treated it when I was tentatively invited to a wine tasting and I wanted to be able to enjoy it! Since I spent the same amount at the doctor's office that I would have for pink eye, I am lucky. I must say that I enjoyed chilling out and having a few drinks with my husband. He was being charming-- he has NEVER charmed me before and I must say that it was nice not having to be cerebral with him. He had better let me relax with him again! And soon! I need time to unwind and not get calls from the kids. He was funny-- he hasn't been funny in a long time.

My daughters are all growing. My 18 year old curled her hair and looks just like I did at her age-- but she looks better. My 12 year old looks like my 18 year old did six months ago. I had never confused them because they looked alike-- I'd confuse them because I was thinking of one and looking at the other with a third child's name on the tip of my tongue.

My sons are getting bigger, too, but they are looking more dissimilar. . . for NOW. I have reacquainted myself with old friends and (minus the colored hair) they look just like their parents did 20 or so years ago! My sons, slender as they are now, will be husky like their father in a few short years. (To them it is a lifetime away-- to us, it isn't long!)

I'm getting back to my science class and it will be over by next Monday evening. Then stats will resume for me, but I am not worried because 2-3 hours each night of them will get me through the class.


Ropi said...

I got 101.5% to my Statistics-Probabilty test. YEAH!! I was so relieved when I got it back.

Well on Friday I was at the hairdresser's and I had my har cut. Since I have been on Earth I have the same hairstyle.

Your 12 old daughter is a bit premature, isn't she? I mean I have met with soem girls who looked older but it is rare when a 12 years old looks 18 years old.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

She's scary-- she can make herself up and look a lot older. The funny thing is, she will be 25 and be able to look like she is 18 easily.

Way to go on your stats test! It is never an option for you to perform poorly, though!

Olivia said...

Sorry to hear about your stats test.

I hope your husband charms you more in future! There can never be too much charming going on, can there?

steve said...

Tea, I don't think you were reading my blog when I did the post on how I got through bonehead math (though I may have sent you the link earlier):

Naomi Joy said...

It amazes me how you can manage such a large family and go to school! You are one incredible lady! Oh & tell your hubby to keep the charming coming. You should always be his 'sweetheart' no matter how long the relationship! :)

Tea N. Crumpet said...

LOL-- I think I'd gone mad! Me finishing school was a grief response to my dad dying 27 months ago. Can you believe that I wanted to go to MED school? I thought I was being realistic-- I would be a GP, but I REALLY wanted to be an oncologist! Very little support from my family (nil, actually) and then the things that I do to keep myself thinking that i am making the world a better place. . . dang. I was nuts. I don't know how I did it with a full load for a year and a half.

Twenty seven months later I am glad that I am wrapping this up-- I don't know if I'd been motivated had I not had such insanely high aspirations and such pain. Wrapping up my degree was almost a way of proving to myself (and my dad who was then gone, who'd always criticized me for my majors and interests and so many kids, etc. etc.) that I could do it.

There will be no ceremony when I complete this, my degree will be from a college in NY. I'll just have to have my satisfaction be my reward, and I'm not sure it has been worth the sacrifice to my babies, but had I not done it, I'd still feel like I'd not "done anything"-- kids SHOULD be enough, but if I am not actively growing and doing something that I can have acknowledged with worldly eyes, I go into mental atrophy.

(This being said, I know it makes a difference on my children who i say, "Do you see how hard this is? I am missing your baseball game for this class! You get your college done before you have children!")

Ropi said...

Well, I found the topics which is like Statistics to you: COORDINATE GEOMETRY!! Uh, I hate it.