Monday, February 16, 2009

music I love

This is a very sensual rendition of Louise Tucker's Midnight Blue. It may not be safe for work. It's not tacky-- I think it is beautiful.

This second one is not sexy, but dramatic with the singer singing her song and in the video. I have two capes like hers, in black and green.

This third one is a song that I sing in the car when I go places that God sends me that I really don't like going to! It makes me very happy and I met a man who recognized me from weeks before (I live in Alaska; it's small) and he asked what I had been singing because he said that my "radiant face" cheered him up on a very sad day. When I sing this, in my heart I am dancing en pointe (in spite of painful toes) and my heart is free!

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steve said...

The tune of "Midnight Blue" sounds like a classical piece, but I can't remember what. Something by Tschaikovsky or Borodin? Anyway, I enjoyed the song, which I had never heard before. The lovers pictured in the first video appeared to be, well, lovers, not just people engaged in recreational sex. So I didn't find it offensive or tacky.