Monday, November 23, 2009

Unfriending People on Facebook

Probably one of the oddest things I have had to do is unfriend people that I don't like. One of the events happened right before my house burned down. She was a lady from my church's sister church and she'd always been witty and funny so I had invited her to be my friend. What happened after that was a rediculous mess where I started hating FaceBook. Somehow, she turned every conversation in to something about her. At the age of 47, she thought she was still cute fir being under 4'10" and called herself "a real firecracker!" in a conversation that had nothing to do with her or her height. . . and managed to turn other conversations into all about her. I am old to say this, but I posted a status with something like, "OMFG! My laundry is done!" She asked what the F meant. . . since she is the daughter-in-law of a guy who is considered a great writer in our church, the comment was meant to be as catty and as passive aggressive as I took it. A comment on my page about my funny kids turned into her talking about her kids who are all a year ahead academically. (But are under psychological care for what I think is probably learned behavior from her." I unfriended her after just a few days because I started bracing myself for her to post.

A few days after my house fire, she, the co-owner of a business that is doing well, said that she wanted to help me out. I declined and declined and finally told her in a message, "I don't like you. You annoy me and you have made me hate Face Book with your comments. While I appreciate your offer to help me, my expression is not for sale."

Today, a friend that I had made a few months ago through another friend, a young man who lives overseas and who wants to study in the States, instant messaged me. He was asking me about social mores and customs and seemed to be dreaming about living in the States for a while and asked me a pretty detailed question about intimacies. I unfriended him, in spite of his apology. I wonder if he was just trying o figure out Americans, but he knows that I am twice his age (at least) and I was pretty offended. I realized thatI had know idea who he was and he had access to my life on my page.

I realized that I knew few on my page and it spooked me.


Ropi said...

Can an adult be 4'10?? My shortest classmate is around 5'2-3 and we make fun of her height. However Hungarians aren't that short. We had one purely Hungarian ruling dynasty (Árpád house/dynasty) until 1301. In these era average male height was 5'0 or a bit under it the tallest Hungarian king was Saint László I who was around 6'7 but Béla III was 6'5 also. In general most of them was taller than the average of the age.

I don't use Facebook a lot. I reinstalled it but ...

Barbara Doduk said...

I have a few people I don't really known on my Facebook (blogger connections or such things - netwoorking "they" call it) but those people don't post things to me or bother me.

Every now and again I delete a few folks like that. After all what is the point of having someone connected if I don't interact with them?

Facebook can have it's bonuses but the downsides really can suck the life out of it for sure.