Monday, October 01, 2007

Gotcha Day!

Today is my third daughter's Gotcha Day that she celebrates with my husband. It's the day that he adopted her, ten years ago when she was a little over a year old!

She got up and made him lunch this morning and made him a sweet little card.

He takes her to the nicest restaurant that he can afford.

This man who I occasionally threaten to divorce is a great guy 99% of the time. We had dated off and on and I had her when he and I were not dating. I didn't expect him to want to marry me. I had two children from a previous marriage and then she was from six years later, after that marriage ended. I never expected anyone to want to get with me after that and there he was, a man with a master's degree, asking to go out as we always had. Not long after that he asked me to marry him and when I stared at him he said, "For God's sake, say yes before you get into more trouble!" At times I am ungrateful but he is really a great person!


Ropinator said...

Well, for your situation in Hungary we use an expression: you caught the God's leg.

Ropinator said...

cheers (for your coffee)!!
Good new layout!