Sunday, October 14, 2007

I went to the Synagogue!

I went to a reform synagogue yesterday. It was great. We didn't understand a lot as it was half in Hebrew. Peaches loved it because towards the end he asked if there were any questions, people asked questions and he basically said that it doesn't matter what you practice but your intent and that God gets sick of hearing people run through things without having any meaning to them. Peaches is tired of the ritual in our church, but she was furious when some evangelicals made some nasty remarks about us. She wants to learn religion so I am trying to get her to the synagogue to learn about Judaism. The rabbi spoke of learning why we do things and of applying them to make them real. It's where she is at. I miss it the synagogue.

If my long-ago fiance hadn't wanted to go double diamond (with a pyramid-type selling company that rhymes with "scamway") before he was 30, I'd have converted and married him. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and I know I am to be with him, but I liked the synagogue and felt comfortable there. While people in my church happily talk about obedience to Christ and following Him like little children, the rabbi is saying, "Educate yourself!"

My children were hilarious. I took Peaches, Sunshine and the younger three. Mr. MAN and Teacup started miming food and pretending to eat cookies. Peaches was furious and trying to make them stop and I said as long as they weren't miming brushing their teeth where they would make the toothbrush action with their tongues in their cheeks, or acting like they had a dog on a leash, they were fine. They'd not stop and I finally mimed a bag for Tia to put her "cookies" in, which she laughed and did. Mr. MAN took his, unzipped a pocket and put it in, then zipped up his pocket. I whispered, "Don't forget to take it out before I wash it! I hate getting things like that on my laundry!" He gave me the "OK" sign. Teacup made sure to grab the "bag" before we went to the back to socialize.

I used to me a mime. How did this become genetic?


Ropinator said...

It's great you had fun.

Naomi Joy said...

heheh miming awesome! thanks for stopping by my blog.

i've never been to a jewish synagogue. that would certainly be interesting! i've always wanted to go.

Ropinator said...

In Hungary there are Muslim mosques because Hungary used to fight with the Ottoman-Turks.

In Hungarian we have much simplier spelling for this word: synagogue (zsinagóga).

Gledwood said...

Hi how are you?
You left a comment well over a week ago at mine but when I clicked on it I couldn't get back to you... now the profile seems to have been updated...? so here I am! Wanted to pass on my greetings...
Show you my new "portrait" too... do you like it?
BTW: as for synagogues; I have never been inside one in my entire life!!