Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mould in my house and other things

I had a carpenter come by to check out my house. The humidity in it is high and quite bad and I have black mould. The guy came, got a friend, came by twice then he had his friend call and say that my house is a bio hazard. He said that neither one of them would come over, etc. and how they couldn't understand how with nine kids I was still alive.

I was freaked. He told me this right before Russian class and my mind was blank. I called a friends' husband who is a building appraiser who said that was odd that he would say that as they usually try to make other arrangements. He gave me a number to call and I will call the guy in the morning. I got to Russian, my face was apparently ashen and sad and I told my prof what had happened and she said, "If they call you in a few days and want a higher price to fix it, refuse them." She thinks the carpenters were trying to scare me. Both she and the appraiser said that you don't make such bold claims and leave a person hanging-- you tell them the next steps.

I'd thought that I'd failed a test on Tuesday but I got 21 out of 23 on it which is still an A.

I get to memorize a poem by Pushkin.


Ropinator said...

Answer to your comment: you don't have to be chess master to think logically.

I hope you can fix your problem with the house.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Thank you, Emp!

You don't have to be a Chess player to think logically, but you have to be a logical thinker to play Chess.