Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I took the test Monday. I stayed up late Sunday night to 8 am Monday morning reading. It helped. I think I pulled a C-- I'll be surprised if it's any higher or lower. I got a decent understanding of the material but didn't have time to go over every little thing several times. I started taking the test, got done-- I was the third person to get done and left the class thinking that I'd have some time to wait until my husband got me. I started walking toward the lunchroom, then realized when I got my cell phone that it was almost time for class to be over. I had locked into the topic and didn't sit there thinking about how little I knew and time flew past me.

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming, then it is not that bad. I panic one minute and think I can never get something done but I somehow do. My husband can be supportive, but other times he is not-- but that is living with another person. Being married to me is not an easy thing!

He called me today and sent me some funny messages. I love it when he does that.

I took my eldest at home to parent teacher conferences. We had fun. She gets in trouble for talking in Japanese but she is making an A. Before we went in, she told me to ask her Japanese teacher if she has any friends. We sat down and started talking and I said, "I'm concerned about her A."

He said, "Mrs. Crumpet, I can assure you that your daughter is making the best grade in the class and she is one of my best students ever!"

I said, "OK. Grades-schmades. What I care about is her social life. She has no friends, no one ever calls her on the phone at the house. How is she socially? I mean, isn't this what high school is all about?"

He was so worried and not sure what to say! Peaches' jaw dropped, "I do too have friends!"

I went on about how anti-social she has been. . . SHE IS NOT ANTI SOCIAL IN THE LEAST-- IF THIS WERE TRUE I'D HAVE NOT SAID THIS. SHE KNEW THAT I WAS JOKING. . . how I am just worried, that maybe we needed to get her involved in some clubs. (She is super-involved in lots of things and lately some civil things with people who are older, doing things that she really enjoys.) I named off some clubs that I know "preps" do. She was going, "What?! I do not need to join ____ Club!" She was keeping a straight face while her teacher was perplexed!

"N-n-n-n-no, Darling! We will get you involved with lots of kids like you, just like you, I'm sure they feel just like you do!" I gave her a patronizing smile and pinched her cheek.

I started laughing then Peaches started laughing but her teacher was very confused! Peaches is not insecure by any means-- I'd have never said it in front of her were she insecure or had she no friends. Once he realized we were pulling his leg, he said she was a very talkative girl who interrupted his class with her discussions! He started laugh and said that he could see from where she got her sense of humor!

All of her teachers were great. We went around and chatted everyone up. They all seemed to like her and they were surprised that I came in with her as it's usually the kids with problems whose parents need to be there. Her English teacher was great and told me about her degrees-- she has a history teacher who lives and breathes history and was happy to hear that she talks about his class at dinner. Her science teacher is inspired-- and she has a math teacher who I just adore who also coaches. No dumb jock there!

I noticed all around us that most kids and parents were not chatty or having fun like we were. That was sad. I felt quite fortunate.

I took her to a Democratic meeting. THAT is not going over well here. My husband is not happy about that. He's happy for her but not for me-- Democrats are not into mega government like they seemed to be years ago. (That has slowly turned into a Republican thing!) I am pro-choice on abortion-- I hate it, but I have always felt that it is a symptom rather than the actual problem and i met with like-minded people. (I mentioned my stance with the Republicans and they were furious with me-- how could I support it! They don't make laws to protect children in custody battles between parents, they don't look at solutions for issues that concern me.) I have fallen away from my Republican friends in the last year. They didn't like someone I was supporting, telling me that she should "stay at home with her children and be a wife and mother--" while they were supporting someone who was corrupt. Those friendships sizzled which was sad as they were my friends and support.

My husband and I may wind up agreeing to disagree. He's not active with any elections unless i drag him into them-- I have fun getting involved with whomever is running. C'est la vie.

TeaCup is almost potty trained. Six months from now she will be completely dry. No more diapers for the first time since my husband married me almost 11 years ago when Sunshine was a year old. Amazing. What will I do with all that money? LOL I have enough bills-- but so nice to be not throwing money at something that will be thrown out!


Emperor Ropi said...

Hey, Today I took chemistry test. I think I won't fail and that's enough. My brother is worse at school than me but his social life is better. I don't say I am hated or anything and people are friendly with me but we are just not friends. I am quite quiet and that's me but I have like 3-4 friends. I think you shouldn't tell her about that topic.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

She knew I was joking-- it was obvious except to her teach who is not from here. Since she gets scolded a lot for talking he was very baffled which was the irony.