Thursday, February 07, 2008


I am so damned sleepy!

The cold is almost over.

It is -38 right now. It is freezing.

I went to music class today. I am really going out on a limb and exiting my comfort zone with this class. I feel exposed.

I am not a linguist. I am already failing LING II. I suppose as we grow we also set aside things that we are not good at and pursue other things. That was partly why I was relieved for Steve to suggest that I drop Russian. It requires concentration which I do not have time to do. I love the class. I love breaking down sentences-- seriously, it is amazing to break them down and see why they mean what they do. It just requires time to sit and think about the rules and how to apply them. I will never bother my husband again about "doing nothing" when he says he has been thinking about some math equation.

I went to my first caucus the other night. It was a blast. I was sick but I was glad I was there. I changed parties. I am writing a story about the event. I have the utmost respect for the organizers-- they expected 200 at the most and got ONE THOUSAND people. We had to go across town. It was interesting-- they think the press is against them. Just like the conservatives think that. What if the one newspaper in our town just has bad journalism due to a lack of competition?


Anne said...

Tea - how in the world do you do it all?! You make me feel lazy. How many children do you have? I think your secret is caffeinated tea, really caffeinated tea, and a severe lack of sleep. . . I wish I didn't need breaks - I could accomplish more.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

There are nine, but my time management is lacking! I zone sometimes and the eldest is in college with me.

Life is a Nike commercial-- you just do it. When I was 18, I got all excited about nothing. . . and married him! When you were 18-- you were taking the hard classes. Either do it while you are young or do more when you are older. I was screwing around. I chose this-- it is not bad, but I created my work. I much more admire the "kids" who apply themselves and acquire success while young than those like myself. Success is better late than never, but do it while you are younger.

Tea N. Crumpet said...
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Emperor Ropi said...

sorry for the failure, cold is cool.

steve said...

1000 people at a precinct caucus? Fairbanks must have pretty big precincts. I doubt if there were more than 50 at the last caucus I went to (1976 Iowa City). The last time it got that cold in the Midwest was (I think) the winter of 1989-90. I had to replace the radiator on my car because it cracked. Trains were canceled because the diesel fuel turned to jelly. If I had to live in Alaska, I think I'd want to live in Sitka or Juneau where it doesn't get so cold.

Anne said...

No way - it's so much easier to succeed when all one has to worry about it getting to class on time and turning in assignments. However, studying helps too. I am far more impressed with the adults who choose to make a better life for themselves when they realize the one they have isn't what they want. It's easy to fall into something and spend one's life shrugging one's shoulders. I'm certainly impressed with what you've accomplished, and I'm sure this has taught your kids some great life lessons.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

OK, I will accept your compliment!

My kids are not like I was! They are more studious and I am very proud of them. We had a moment with one and i went off, "Do you want to be 35 years old with nine children? Follow in my footsteps! Keep screwing up!"

She hugged me and whispered, "I owe my life to you messing up. I'll get better grades, I promise!"

College is an inverted funnel; once we get through the narrow opening, it's bigger and better on the other side!