Monday, February 11, 2008

VD, Monkey Kentucky

Valentines Day (VD) is coming up. For the kids, the teachers make a huge fuss about how the kids need the exercise of writing names out and doing them. I was looking at Valentines last week at the store (we always wind up making them) and Dash said, “I don’t want to give out anything with hearts on them. No pink.” Guy Smiley and Superhero chimed in their support and beat their chests, “We’re men! Yeah, we hate pink! No hearts! Nothing that smells pretty!” I stopped them before they started pumping their armpits! I bought a packet of printable business cards and my husband is helping them create cards with jokes on them and Darth Vader with a Daisy graphics and in the “from line”, each dude’s name. No personal Valentines. We’ll punch holes in them and slip them over the stems of Tootsie Pops. I don’t like New Year’s or Valentines Day—they are Mandatory Fun Days. Peaches went to Costco and bought some candy bars by the gross and Zsa-Zsa is making her home school friends some cupcakes. This makes me crave raw broccoli. All this sugar! (Am I sounding like Willy Wonka’s dentist father?) Dash commented how nice it would be if Mandarin oranges were still in season and he’d put stickers on them saying they were from him. You know—I don’t like VD. I have always had an aversion to it and I’d rather go to bed on 13 February and wake up on the morning of 15 February having escaped any form of VD.

Happy Chinese New Year—this is the year of the rat! I don’t get into astrology but I still enjoy reading the descriptions at Chinese restaurants. I’m a Capricorn Monkey. Speaking of monkeys—have you heard of Hannah Montana? Billy Ray Cyruses’ daughter plays her in a show that is actually cute. Anyway, I told Sprite that he is Monkey Kentucky. He ran to Zsa-Zsa and declared his new name and said, “Ook-ook-ook!” He is four and likes to harass her. “Moooom! He’s ruining my show!” First Boom-Boom could do the dance with High School Musical (making it uncool) and now we have Monkey Kentucky.

I cannot be confidential and say what I also want to say other than that I am raising some great kids. I am the mother to some really great kids. While I was spazzing out at my 18 year old's stage, she is like a rock, steady in making the right choices.

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