Thursday, November 20, 2008

My husband is 41.

Today we celebrated my husband's birthday. Peaches works a lot and wanted to be here for it so we did it when we could so she'd be here. I am supposed to be fasting but I am not because I got sick this week. I need the protein and when your body is weak, it's a bad time to switch over.

Mudd was cute-- he is about to turn 5 in a few days and he said, "As soon as Mommy thinks she Daddy's age, he just ups and turns a year older before she can get his age!" (I'll be 40 in a few weeks.) He is always trying to catch up to Calamity Jane who stays just ahead of him. Daddy said, "But Mudd, only one person can be 40 in our house! Otherwise the world would be a mess! Mommy can't catch up to me!"

He thought about this for a moment, but he still wants to catch up to Calamity Jane to see what would happen!

I bought Darrin some exotic coffees for him to grind and some major Lego sets. He is very happy. While he waited for his cake, he and the kids danced the hokey-pokey and sang silly songs.

It was a great night.


Ropi said...

Happy Birthday to him. It is also the death day of Emperor Franz Joseph as far as I can remember.

Ropi said...

Yes, Palotás was danced in mid 1800s. The teacher said this dance was the best way to flirt in that age.