Monday, November 03, 2008

A Thespian in My Midst

This year for the yolka, Cloud is a prettily dressed servant woman narrating, then Guy is Joseph, and Basil and Dmitri are shepherds. All but Guy has a speaking part. The wee babes are Nativity animals. I practice with them on their parts every night between now and the yolka. (A yolka is a Christmas story.)

Dmitri is the funnest. While Cloud glums through and mumbles and Basil thinks this is an excuse for me to get him away from basketball practice (I got him in to basketball and I am letting him finish the season and still keep his part!) it is Dmitri who says his poetry and stands on the couch, dramatically crawls on the floor, has to speak it in a British accent, then a German one, then a Swedish one, then has to shout it, then whispers it. He has it memorized and enjoys it. To say that this makes me proud is an understatement. I love that this comes so naturally to him and that he is not embarrassed at the age of 8. After a week of practicing, he has asked for my poetry books and wants me to find poetry that he may like then recites the first few stanzas. He was enjoying making things up, "Now I will say this like I am cold!" I had him read one line then me the other like we were arguing.

Cloud came into the room and sneered at him and I made her do tree position and recite her lines. She tried very hard to act bored, then started laughing which was funny. We both stood in tree and I "argued" with her with her lines.

In memorizing the lines we shout them and sing them, all the while the younger kids play around us. You can tell the Crumpet Kids by how relaxed they are performing as chaos reigns!

I'm enjoying getting to meet the other moms at my church. Everyone's kids are funny in their own way and it's cute to see their parent's quirks show through, or just to see the kids do funny things and glance up at Mom & Dad laughing.

Yesterday at the end of our service, the deacon asked if there were any announcements. Calamity Jane said to everyone, "Well, I'm six years old!"

The deacon laughed, "And when did this happen?"

She said, "On my birfday!"

Everyone laughed. He wished her a God grant her many years and we all thought she was a cutie.


GDad said...

Dmitri sounds like a hoot!

Love Calamity Jane, too.

p.s. My verification word is "expungi". I wonder if the verification word generator is getting bored.

Ropi said...

Well, I have a mixed accent according to a friend who has talked to many people in English all around the world. She said my accent is quite similar to German but there is some Spanish in that and of course Hungarian. I can't speak German but some of my very far ancestors are from Germany or Austria (I guess Germany but I am not sure)

Ropi said...

I checked it. They are from Bavaria, Germany.

Ropi said...

Well at the moment I am closer to the old Franz Joseph.