Monday, November 03, 2008

Feeling Silly

For the past five months I have been having heart palpitations. They have been increasing in duration and number of times that I have them and I had started to get scared, thinking they were linked to a medication I am on to regulate my cycles. I got worked up over the past few weeks, working up the nerve to call. In the US doctors can make you doubt your sanity if you complain too much, but this doctor never has. I called my doctor's nurse and argued over whether or not to get an EKG. I do not like anyone touching me except for my husband or worse, looking at me, even if it is a woman helping me. EKG's are exposing.

Anyway, I told the nurse and got off the phone, happy that I'd let her know and knew that if anything happened that they'd have a record. When I had researched this, I had looked up "heart palpitations" with the medication. As I got off the phone I looked up palpitations on their own and found a link to caffeine which I have been guzzling for about six months since May to the tune of six to eight cups a day!

I called her back-- stupid me. I am going off gradually lest I wind up calling her about headaches associated with this medicine as well. . .

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Jill said...

So many things can cause heart palpitations. I've had them in the past related to stress.

I know it's no fun, but it's so important to not only let your doctor know about these things, but let them help to diagnose and treat you!

When I'm nervous about going to the doctor it's always because I'm afraid I'm going to get bad news... but instead, most times, they end up confirming that I am find and only need to make small changes in diet, medication, or stress management.

If you need some info or ideas on stress management, you can check out my website:

Good Luck!