Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chef Moooom!

The other night my husband took some of the kids to a dress rehearsal for an opera. I wanted it to be special so I was zooming all day but got home with an hour to spare. While we are fasting, I wanted to make a nice meal and vegetarian is still hard for us. We couldn't pay for a restaurant meal so I threw in some tortellini, some steak, sauteed some shrimp in garlic butter and made a spinach salad with mandarin oranges. My husband and kids who were going were thrilled.

I was simultaneously making grilled tuna for the rest of us which was not a bad thing. Dmitri was sick and literally moaning on the couch (He was the only one to get sick so it must have been something he'd eaten at school.) The little ones, Starshine and Mudd were whining in the background, all while a violin concerto was playing.

I felt terrible-- I wanted to make a great meal and I did, and they were done (with no butter spills thank goodness) in time, but the fussing in the background! They were getting energy off each other and holding on to my legs! It is funny now, but then I was a little frazzled until Cloud said, "This is a family restaurant! You are Italian with a big family!" That was sweet of her.

Tonight I made a cold soup called gazpacho with tomatoes and cucumbers with salmon because it was the Feast of the Annunciation. That was delicious but we were too tired to go to church because everyone has been wired as of late.


steve on the slow train said...

Did you ever see the British sci-fi show Red Dwarf, where Rimmer is often reminded of his indignant complaint about the fact that his gazpacho soup was cold?

I completely forgot that yesterday was the Annunciation. Some defenders of the Dec. 25 date fro Christmas say that it was just set at 9 months after the Annunciation, though I suspect it was the other way around.

It was a huge holiday in the Middle Ages, but I don't think it it's even a Holy Day of Obligation in the R.C. Church.

Olivia said...

OK, OK, the shrimp in garlic butter and the spinach salad with mandarins sound LOVELY!!!!!

Oh hey, not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but have you ever listened to this guy on YouTube - I am sure this is what heaven sounds like: Panos Kavarnos

Tea N. Crumpet said...

He is AMAZING. As Lent gets closer to Pascha I am playing more of this.

GDad said...


Just have to say that I admire your strength.

Olivia said...

I ended up blogging about it! I mentioned you too.