Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Break

It is spring break, yet we have 2' of fresh snow on the ground. This is so uncool. Since it is Lent, I am taking the kids through mid morning studies on church and going to early morning church services. The kids are not excited, but it is something to do. In the afternoon we are baking cookies. There are some community events that I am taking them to at the museums, as well. We have a couple of really annoying neighbor kids and they were over here at 9AM asking if my kids could play. When my older kids saw them coming, they asked me to tell them that they are grounded for the week, which I did. The little brats had the nerve to ask what they did and I said, "They woke me up before 10. Please do not come over for the rest of the week or I will call your parents." Now I seem like a mean mommy, but my kids were relieved. I don't let my kids go over to other people's houses before 11AM. I have no idea what they were doing here at 9AM.

I'm taking the kids to get registered for Little League this week and we are also going out to do some 4-H activities.

I am off Face Book for Lent-- that just takes up too much time. I shut down my account and will get back on it later.

Basil is having fun with Chess, but I say that Starshine has the swiftest move EVAR. She is 3 and a bit of an elf. Basil was trying to show her the moves and she was very much paying attention. He took several pieces off the board so she could focus on just a few and he told her that she needed to figure out how to take his queen. She looked a bit surprised and took his queen & king, the rooks and the knights and went to her room where she spread out a blanket and proceeded to play with them, making the king and queen "kiss" and ride horses to their castles. Basil sat with her and told me that she'd one day get it and maybe he'd pull in the Bishops so they could go to church!

Basil is #1 in his school for Chess. The teacher who is running the Chess club is a swine, but Basil says she is a good Chess player. (Because she is so bloody manipulative!) After his city-wide tournament, I will be taking him to my favorite chocolate shop to select some truffles for her. I can't believe I am buying her chocolates and looking forward to it! I still don't like her, though.

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Olivia said...

I heard about the Lenten Facebook abstinence on the news this week.

An interesting thing!