Friday, March 06, 2009

It's a Sweet Life

One of the funnest things about kids is getting to study with them. Guy and I have a mutual "addiction" to Animal Planet. If I watch TV, it's for that and I am always amazed by the vocabulary that he picks up from it that he wants to discuss afterward. He has speech impairments, so this is always nice to see his soak up thinks like a sponge!

Sometimes working with kids his age is hard. At the age of 11, he is almost a man and I am decidedly uncool. Recently he turned into an obstinate I-Don't-Care-Bear at school and his teacher and I became "best friends!" so he knows I am talking to her. He also knows it's an act, but if he wants it to stop, he has to turn his grades around. Last night he let me study his spelling words with him! I am going to try finger spelling the letters with him, too. He resisted signing when he was 5, but now that he is older and can spell, it may help. Like all kids his age, when I was his age other kids were into finger spelling and I wasn't in to it at all-- they'd say, "I can sign!" then start spelling everything. I can spell but I found it annoying. "Just talk!"

It was fun looking over the spelling words and saying them with him and pointing things out. He noticed that "together" is to-get-her. I showed him that none of his words that had an "h" in it was followed with an "a"-- "h" was always followed by an "e." (He kept wanting to put an "a" after the "h".)

As he an I watched Animal Planet, I had to fold laundry. Starshine noticed that I was folding sheets and wanted to help (she loves to help me.) We played with the sheets, acting like they were parachutes, raising them up high, then holding on and running underneath them! It was so beyond cute with her. She kept laughing and asking to do it again and again!

This past week has been spirit week with the three guys. The two older ones wore sandals to school yesterday (no logic could get them to put boots in their backpacks and go out-- nooooo, my young men had to wear sandals in the snow and act like it was no big deal!) They have gone wearing their clothes inside out and just had a blast.

I however had a coffee last evening and am wired but tired so I am up sharing this!


Ropi said...

I am glad your son had fun with our Prime Minister.

Ropi said...

I updated informations about the video which was loved by your son. I can show an other one as well, which he may love.

Olivia said...

What is this Spirit Week? School spirit?