Monday, September 10, 2007

Ahrg! I am so blessed. Argh!

Did you all hear my anguished scream from your sleep?

I just sat down to the painful task of matching up my classes to what is required of me. I am ONE semester away from a lit degree, and after this semester, one semester one and a half semesters (assuming that I am not taking math) from a degree in rhetoric. If I had come back to school for JUST English last spring, I would have my degree minus the math classes and stats course! I can't even spyell right tonight!

I am so fortunate to have my problems.

This means that I have time to do an art minor.

Oh my life is so hard.


My husband whom I am wont to loathe at times is very supportive of me in this. He has been saying to me, "Tea, when your time is come, nothing will be able to stop you. Your path will open to you and it will seem so clear, you won't know how you missed it!" Now-- oh dear God, let me pass my classes.

My eldest got my email on it and reminded me of when I told her to get a teaching degree because she'd always have a job. She is right. Then I can be a grandmother, too-- at least devote time to my dear children during the summer if they'll have me! I am very fortunate.

I know where I want to go for grad school to get my teaching certificate.

I have bounced a bit from wanting to become a doctor ten months ago, but would I have returned to college "just" wanting to be an English professor? No. I had a few chances before. Even social work sounds more glamorous than teaching. I met a woman last year around this time at a boutique who was a visual delight and I stopped in my tracks and said to her, "I love your outfit! I adore your ensemble and I love how you speak! Pray tell, from what planet did you beam to us from?!!" She laughed and said she taught at a nearby high school. I told her that she had more culture than a container of Yoplait and the store owner laughed as did she. We introduced ourselves and she taught at one of my daughter's high schools. I went to the parent night dressed up hoping to see her and lo, she was there and we appraised each other. She said that she'd give me an A on my fashion sense and I told her that I would wear that as a scarlet letter in my heart for always and I do! She is an English teacher as is her husband. They are just like my fave profs, addressing the students as Mr. and Miss. They have Ph.D.'s and they are addressed as Dr. and Dr. I want a Ph.D. I want to be just like them!

Seeing people like that just makes me smile and feel great. They are a visual breeze. They said that while my reaction was over the top that they are as I am when they meet their kind. I am their kind! Why didn't they inspire me last year to join them? I wasn't ready. Your plate has to be empty and you must be feeling ready for the next course to resume.

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