Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sweet Life

Sweet Life oh What a Delight Sharin' My Love with You

On Friday we took what is one of the last walks of the season. It won't be long before winter sets in and the leaves are mostly golden and brown now with a few leaves that are still fading with red in the centers. We went up to the school with the younger kids and we played football on the walk there. I was pushing TeaCup in her stroller. She is at the stage where she will walk, but then wants (insists) to be carried so the stroller is easier. She leans forward and picks up leaves as we go along. I left the group early to pick berries as I saw a patch on the way into the school and enjoyed watching them throwing the football around to each other, my 11 and 9-8-7 year olds running backward and chasing one another. Boom-Boom and Roo were trying to keep up and dh gave them a smaller Nerf ball to throw around as they walked.

They played on the playground and there was music in them yelling from the swing sets to one another, "Daddy! Push me! Daddy, watch!" The older ones picked berries with me for a bit before we went home. The creep crawlies weren't all in the ground-- we still had a few the surprised me on twigs! We went to the creek on the way and my son Dash asked to carry the berries. When we eventually got home, the eight year old had red around his mouth and I looked at him and raised my eyebrows and he said, "Whaaat?" I just laughed and said, "You need to be more discreet when you snag berries from me. Don't miss your mouth!" His eyes got huge, "I don't know whatchertalkin'bout, Woman!" He knew I knew but I said he owed me a half hour of berry picking with is way less than he ate, but he didn't mind and since he enjoys it I will join him!

We got home and I made spaghetti and we ate, then after dinner. . . Mr. Coffee got obsessed by an online poker tournament. That was a turn off as we were going to play a game. We wound up watching a DVD of Johny Cash singing and Boom-Boom and I got up and danced to him and June singing, "Jackson" and "Ring of Fire." It was a lot of fun. Dh did really well in his poker game though-- out of 2,700 people he was in the top 150 when he folded. He's playing a late night game of something with the kids as I speak. They are eating a bread that I baked, a yeast bread to which I added a can of expired pumpkin to the dough. I had no idea what i was doing, but it tastes good and the hot oven is warming up the house.

On nights like this, I feel so happy. I like to imagine us in five years when the kids will be older-- TeaCup will be 7, then Roo will be 9, Boom-Boom 10, then the boys will be 13-14-15 and Sunshine will be 17. Of course my older laugher's Tiger and Peaches will be with their own families maybe or in school, and it's a happy thought of the kids still running along with us all a family, joking and playing.

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