Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Noot-elles and Other Stuff

My son, CutieBug, is seven years old. Tonight I went shopping for groceries and came home with a car full of food. He and his brothers were supposed to be in bed but heard me come in and called me back and they asked if they could help me bring in the food which was awesome of them to do. I bought some instant soup that he and his brothers love and he said, "Thank you for buying the noot-elles. I love the Japanese noot-elles!" I don't correct him. The time will come too soon when he is clipping off the ends of his words and sloshing everything.

I talked to my lawyer about some stuff. He asked me about my college courses. He found out that I am taking a math class that doesn't count and yelled at me. I love him. He yelled at me and called it bonehead math. I told him that I needed accountability for my class work or I won't do it and he boomed, "I'll give you accountability: you are stupid to be paying for a class that won't count as credit. You can learn that sh-- on your own and work up to college level algebra." He started questioning whether or not the college had a right to make me even take math or statistics. I kept wanting to talk about my English classes and he said, "I don't want to hear about it! You show me a diploma and then we'll talk!"

I spoke to someone at the U about a writers' internship and I may be able to get in on it. I will talk to her next week.

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