Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Later

I am still around, but I am very exhausted. Summer is the best time of the year-- the kids are playing and enjoying themselves and we are up with longer days.

Oh-- check out the last music video square to the side. It's a man named Alexander Barencey who is singing Best of My Love to his little guy. I cried watching it. The kids wear me out but I love them and if I had a good voice, I'd sing this to my own kids. If you are signed up with Youtube, post him a note. He apologizes to Eagles fans, but I always thought of this song as one for a lover. He just gave it a new dimension with his GREAT voice.


Emperor Ropi said...

And you can sleep less :(

Tea N. Crumpet said...

O Ropi-- if you could see how amazing it is, you'd know that we don't need sleep in the summertime! I can hike for miles and keep going-- the problem is, when I am ready to wind down, the kids are just getting their second wind! LOL