Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tie dye shirts, flying aces, ice cream & sleep

Last night I helped the little guys make tie dye shirts for everyone. They were going to a show at the military base where some stunt pilots were. I needed the day off-- to clean,to write, to do whatever. (I slept.) We woke up to the shirts having dried in the dryer and the kids looked sweet in them-- even my husband had one! Of course my 12 yo and my 9 yo decided to throw a fit and drench their shirts, "Oh, ours didn't dry!" It was obvious that they get them wet themselves so I was a mean mommy and made them wear them anyway.

They had fun at the show today-- there was a lot of waiting and I am glad that I stayed home and slept. He's wanted to take them on a hike last weekend and it was raining hard so he was glad to do this with them. My eldest has them at her house/my brother's house for dinner. That is sweet. She is so funny-- "I can cook and not have leftovers for once!"

My husband offered to take me out for ice cream when he returns. That will be nice.


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