Sunday, January 04, 2009

And then the washing machine breaks!

I didn't get a lick of stats done today. As soon as I got done with my last post and got my books in order and my Pandora station set, my husband came in to me and whispered that our bathroom sink was leaking and that it had been for a number of days. Hobbling and hopping, only I could see what was needed to be saved. Bending was rough and painful. I cleaned it then helped my husband clean up the watery mess. Somehow over the course of the past 10 years I never bothered with cleaning under that sink. It was a catch-all for pageant make-up, awards, 50 bottles of nail polish and soaps. How did I get two sets of hot rollers in the mess? My hair is wild and I don't try to tame it so I don't use them.

I lifted the mess and hurt myself again when I got outside. (I do not identify with my present back situation but it has to be worked around.)

After that I lay down on an electric blanket and took some pain killers. I got up and made dinner (my husband was trying to get my Diva running) and got the kids fed. (I have discovered uncooked tortillas-- I love cooking with them and the kids like it, too.) After dinner. . . the washing machine broke. If we can' get it working, we'll have to bag up the clothes and go wash them all at a laundromat.

Is this a sign from God to get out and give up on my degree or a test to see how persevering I am? Everything is normal, no big deal, we can handle it.

I'm listening to Barry Manilow right now-- I'm chillin'!

Calamity Jane has listened to k.d. lang and loves he and I am getting some of her CD's this week. She started belting out Honky Tonk Angels, then they took it off youtube, but she likes some of her other work. Not bad for a six year old!


Olivia said...

No way, you hurt your back again? I think it's time you slowed down, so good job lying down with heat and a painkiller.

Take care of yourself.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

No-- same problem, but it's much less today. The weather warmed up to a balmy -7! Then this morning my romantic husband bought me some Doans (in the medicne aisle at most store-- it's a muscle relaxant) and placed the package on my pillow with a rose when I was in the shower, and then he went to work!

Sigh. . . do I have a stallion or what? LOL That was too funny. He said that he tried to find them in chocolate flavor!

Olivia said...

Hahah! Oh that is too funny, Doan's with a rose? I am still smiling.