Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Are Mushrooms Kosher?" Random Thoughts While Doing Statistics

Today I am prepping for a stats test. I had to take an incomplete in it. The Temperamental Diva isn't running so I cannot say that my children had to be taken any place. They did, and I had to listen to them complain. My husband had to do some other running around and then got home and didn't want to go any place unless it was here.

I had to do my school work. While sitting here I have been yelled at by a very good husband who realizes that when my dad told him I would drain his patience, he wasn't joking. I resist so much, but I like it once I get into it. As I have studied, my husband has growled at me because of how my mind resists working. I have been working and just said whatever was in my mind, "Are mushrooms kosher?" "Can we assign an x variable to my thoughts?" Finally I just had to look up and he said, "TEA! GET TO WORK!"

If I like a topic, I practically teach the class. If I do not, I am a drain on my professors. I like statistics. As soon as I put the kids down for mandatory naps (including the older kids) I got things done.

My back is killing me. The weather is bad. I think I do better when resisting the pain. I tried laying down on our bed but every time I got up, pain shot through my back and legs. I have to sit at the table. I made stuffed peppers for dinner. I am doing it again. . .

Now I must get back to my work.


steve said...

That reminds me of Lintilla, the beautiful archeologist (cloned several billion times)in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. On e Lintilla was escaping something or other, and she had an artificially-induced broken arm because people are always more fucused when overcoming an obstacle. When our daughter Anne was working at an archeaological dig and broke her arm, we called her Lintilla.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

My husband CONSTANTLY quotes HHG2G-- I laugh thinking of this. It is so true, and only YOU Steve would have a daughter who would do that on a dig!

Olivia said...

Oh my goodness me, when I was getting my psych degree I hated stats. I much prefer algebra.

Sorry to hear your back is worse. The shooting pain down the legs sounds like what I had in high school. I couldn't sit, and once crawled on the floor to put my socks on.