Sunday, January 04, 2009

Getting into It. . .

I am at my kitchen table with the kids. Mudd, 5, heard me comment about math and numbers. Well, he is good with numbers so he has taken out his Dominoes and Tantrix games and put them on the floor, offering to help me, showing me that he knows a lot of numbers. "See? Fiffy-five! And this is thritty-three!" Darrin came in and asked what he was doing and he said, "I'm helping Mom with math. Now she knows numbers!"

The older kids are playing a game at the other end of the table with. . . Cloud and Basil in the kitchen fighting. Basil just splashed Cloud with dirty dish washer. Will I really look back as these being the good old days or will my selective memory kick in?

My hips and lower back are driving me crazy. Darrin said I was crying in my sleep. Calling doctors is silly-- they send you in for x-rays then give you mega doses of Advil and muscle relaxants. The bill at 20% is around $200 for all they do and I cannot afford it. I think the cold is having an effect on this. It's really my pelvic bones giving me Hell. They never fuse; they are always flexible and when I move they also move. My husband said I was doing yoga positions laying down and rolling over by grabbing the other side of the mattress and pulling or using my upper arms to pull my body up on my pillow. (I'm glad to see that my CNA training went into my core. I'd show patients to do this when they had weak backs.)

Anyway, back to work. Laying down is not comfortable so I'm in good shape to be sitting perched at the table. Standing is also not nice. A perfect day to study!

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