Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reduction in Forces

It seems that Peaches is pretty much out of our lives now except for when she has time in her schedule. This is OK-- she is graduating with great grades and she is a super person. It looks like Tiger will soon be going to Wyoming. This is how it is to be. I wish I had money to send to them should they have problems, but with lots of prayers on my part and a lotta luck on their parts, they won't need my help.

Walking to the school today with seven kids and the dog, Darrin and I enjoyed ourselves. It's more than just a little odd with it being January and the temperature being +45. The near-by creek was thawed and gushing and most of the walk was snow free. My back is still giving me little issues so I struggled a few times on the ice, but other than that it was OK. The boys and Cloud had a football that they were throwing around and Cloud was frequently yelling at them to slow down or stop-- I think that she wants kids when she gets married, but no brothers!

Starshine held my hand most of the way, or she held on to Darrin. Mudd wanted to hold whomever's hand he wasn't holding. Calamity Jane was between holding mine and Darrin's hands, then wanting to run with the older kids. She kept coming back, then wanting to run ahead again. Dmitri likes walking with the dog. Basil was usually throwing the ball.

Guy-- he's a little on the slow side, but I can never tell if it's his delays or his y chromosome that makes him a little odd. He does odd things like wanting to walk on the other side of the railing of a short bridge, or moon walking in the middle of an icy cul-de-sac. He got way behind then ran through someone's yard to catch up. The people in my 'hood don't like that, so he got scolded. I had him hold my hand the rest of the way home. The turkey rolled his eyes, walked with his coat over his head, tried walking backward and even started to sneeze on both our hands-- Darrin said that he was acting mature, that is, normal for a teenager forced to hold Mom's hand!

I cannot help but feel like we are terribly small. I do miss my eldest daughters, and look forward to having them home with their spouses and children, perhaps with the extended Crumpet clan being 20 deep with people and more football tossing. There were only 9 of us out there today. A few summers ago, we were 11. I do not know how much longer these walks will last. Will Cloud want walk with us in the next year or 5?


Ropi said...

Well time is flying. Imagine how bad it is for my parents. We start as a 4 member family and it will reduce.

Is Wyoming a good place? What will she do there? I have never heard about it. One of my classmates has 2 ideas about my future.

1, I will close myself to a room and I will read history books all day and deal with history all the time. The mistake of that theory is I can't blog then. :)

2, I will move to a periferical area (f. ex: a small city/town) because I dislike large towns. She guessed Northern Canada (because I love ice hockey) which is quite close to Alaska so be prepared that one day I may be standing at your doorstep and saying I am the new neighbour. He-He
(At least I look more muscular in thick winter jacket. That's cool.)

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Come to Northern Canada-- we can open up a book store at the border!

I would be sad with only two children, I think. I try to imagine life without the others and I think I would sigh a lot. The boys who are 11, almost 10 and 9 will make me miss them as they will graduate one after the other. Cloud is 12-- the four of them will be a great reduction over a short time.

Ropi said...

Well, we will see what life is going to bring to me. I was checking colleges this afternoon and my chances aren't so bad.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

You'll have your pick!

Olivia said...

How can it be colder in NYC than it is where you are?? Humbug!

I miss walking with family....I'll just have to make my own one day so I can walk with them...