Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Massaging. . .

I ranted about massage school and a terrible misunderstanding with my teacher. He actually knew what he was doing, but I can't really talk about the results. The emotional release worked. I had a delayed result and this is probably good because he'd have not wanted me waking up to some issues. (They do not involve any family members or for the record, s--.)

I worked on a neighbor today just to keep my skills up-- she was grateful as was I. How she managed to relax in my house with my kids coming and going in the other room was a mystery until she said, "They aren't mine."

Her husband and I talked. I worked on his feet. He was really uncomfortable about the possibility of blood running to That Region. I told him that we push blood to that region and that we kind of expect it and that we ignore it and he said, "You can't just ignore it!" I poured him a cranberry juice and told him that when people get massaged, they pass gas, make vocal noises that could sound sexual, and even cry at what seems painless but is tension release as we work out toxins from their muscles and that the results of blood running to that region is really the easiest to ignore by covering with a thick towel over the sheet. He's thinking about having me go over with his wife there and working on him. He asked my husband if it bothered him and my husband laughed-- he works with doctors and knows how this works and as long as I don't mind, he doesn't.

My teacher said to not mention it, but I think that guys are uncomfortable with it and just saying something might be helpful, but I will bow to the voice of experience.

I am one of the worst patients ever-- being on this side of working with people makes me appreciate what doctors do at least from wanting to be modest and not show off their bodies while at the same time letting them be effective.


Emperor Ropi said...

Once my classmate massgaged me and it was really good. She is not professional, she was rather just rubbing my back and put some pressure in that but it was very enjoyable.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

If administered with love and respect, there is no wrong way to give a massage-- that's what I learned in a $3,500 course!

Emperor Ropi said...

I could teach it to you for 2000$ :D Aren't your kids doing anything interesting nowadays?