Monday, December 24, 2007

Foggy Day nets Sleepless Night and a Couple of Dazed Kitties

Yesterday I never felt quite right. Something seemed off but life is too busy to worry over little aches and pains. I awoke to someone coughing terribly while thinking, "Why can't he just get up and take a Nyquil?" and my husband saying, "You need a Nyquil. You've been coughing since you went to sleep."

I got up and heard five of the kids coughing. Runny noses. Sore throats. How did it hit us all at once?!! Today only the Urgent Care places will be open but I doubt that we will go to them-- hopefully this is a short duration illness. The kids are not wounding happy even though I have them sleeping again. I'm up with tea and cookies and my dog is sitting at my feet. I gave the cats their Christmas presents of catnip toys early and while they normally hate each other, they are on their backs next to one another staring up at the Christmas tree lights. Ahh, tis the season of kittenly love!

A few months ago one of the boys put a catnip toy on the dog's collar. The cats smelled it and were stalking him. He's good natured but at first howled at them as they got near him. When he tired of it, he lay down and they were going crazy under his chin, trying to sniff and bite at the little mouse. The dog was enjoying the attention, I think.

Anyway, my medicine is kicking in and my husband will be up soon. I need to run back to bed. Everything hurts. What a terrible time to have this happen!


Emperor Ropi said...

I am fine luckily. I wish them to get better soon!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas!