Saturday, December 22, 2007

I think we're getting old

This morning my husband and I were in the kitchen, making out while the pancakes were cooking on the griddle. The older kids spied us and we were laughing and went back to making pancakes. My eldest said, "You two are amazing. You are almost 40 and still making out like you did when you started dating!"

Is almost 40 old? I hope I never stop making out with my husband! It's the spark of life!

Anyway, later on my husband and I looked at each other, "What did she mean, 'almost 40 and still making out'?" It was quite funny.


Emperor Ropi said...

She must have been full with good intention. When I am examined like that we are getting a bad result. Like my mother said I used to have cute smile but it is getting arrogant or I used to be much kinder. Fortunately I don't know my classmates for that long so they can't compare the present Ropi with the past Ropi.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

She was serious but we still found it cute. I still wear mini skirts sometimes. She is quite conservative. She doesn't realize that her grandmother is dating again. Kids don't want to think things of their parents like that!

That being said-- we do change with time and no one can read our intentions very well. It also matters upon the listener-- your mother is also older than she was may be more sensitive now about things and interpret them differently. We have to be aware of our audience when we joke!