Monday, December 31, 2007

Date with husband, frustrating to be a parent

Tonight my husband and I had a dream date-- for me it's going to see a movie, then going to a book store. Sheer bliss. We saw National Treasure with Nicholas Cage who I think is a stallion but I don't know why-- he is almost scary looking. We ate out and we just wandered around the store. I was going to buy my childrens' god mother a thank you note then decided to buy her the thank you notes! And we got their godfather a cool travel mug.

I came home to my husband having bought me a Far Side anthology and a Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I sat on the bed not knowing which to read first but the Far Side won.

My eldest is driving me crazy. She has various complicated situations and calls me, usually at 11pm or so, frustrated and needing to talk. If I give her advice she doesn't use it. If I don't, she thinks I am not validating her. Very frustrating.

My cold is lingering and my ears are running. I have NEVER had my ears run. They seemed to clear up which was good, but tonight they got stuffy again. The cough is getting better, then it gets worse. My daughter just went to a birthday party and said that several were not there because of this illness. It is going around.


Emperor Ropi said...

It is still better than if she called you at 4am.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Emperor, what are you planning to do to your parents? ;)

Steve said...

There's a book called "How to Listen so kids will talk and how to talk so kids will listen" (or vice versa) As my kids tell me, they're just venting and don't want my advice. They want me to understand how they are feeling. When they want my advice they ask, which doesn't happen often.