Sunday, December 23, 2007

Frustration (big whine) & Amusement

I am so strung out. My student loan company is about to send my loans to collections. For about a year now they have been sending me letters saying that I was ready to go into default and there was little I could do. My husband JUST GOT DONE paying off his loans and were are able to focus on mine. After years of him loosing jobs (companies losing contracts, not him messing up) and us falling back then getting back up, we are at least getting our head above water. Is it always going to be like this?

I sent them an email and a letter and a promise of a couple hundred a month. I doubt that they will care. Such is life-- I have to focus on what I can. For now we are having a great Christmas with the kids.

Today I took the kids to church. My four year old was in the back seat, "Are jeans evil?" I thought I didn't hear him correctly and asked him again. "Are they baaaad?"

"Jeans are not evil or bad."

"They are worn by bad guys."

He went off on a silly explanation of bad guys wearing jeans. I pointed to a woman wearing jeans. "Do you think she is evil?

He said, "Do you know her?"

I said I didn't so he asked if she was a stranger. I said she was.

"Are strangers bad?"

"Uh, they can be." I said.

"Do you trust them?" he queried.

I said well, we can't go up and talk to them.

"Do they steal things?"

I said that some do, most don't. "But those ones are bad. They are evil and jeans are worn by bad guys."

Later he'd be playing with the LBC (Little Black Cat) and he would scratch him and he had another long conversation with how the LBC would kill a mouse, scratch him and cause an infection in him with mouse blood. . . and he'd die. I was floored, to say the least. He was extremely casual in his conversation and I think my 12 year old's passing fascination with the Black Plague of Europe caused this.

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