Thursday, December 13, 2007

I F'd Up in Russian

I got to the test and totally killed myself. I am blue, but I can't give up the class.

I realized that with why I want to do it that I cannot drop it and that I will have to push myself to learn it. I can learn it-- I need more time to process it. The people who were good were cursing under their breath. I won't blame the professor although I feel like she threw us for a loop, giving us new material even on Tuesday of this week to process. I still adore her.

I have more determination than sense. The reason I decided to Russian was because when my dad was dying, he'd fall asleep and I'd wander around the medical center. Have you ever sat in a waiting room in a cancer area? Try it when you are not sick. I was in AZ and there were all these Spanish speakers. I observed that most spoke little English then went to the nearest cafeteria and asked some nurses if I could sit with them and told them where I was from. They confirmed what I was thinking-- that there weren't a lot of interpreters and the Spanish speakers were confused and scared. I came up with the intent of learning Russian. If I can, I want to at least volunteer at the hospital as an interpreter. I'd like to write grants at a certain hospital in The City because I love the hospital and be "on call" as in, "What?!! No one in L&D speaks Russian right now? GET SOMEONE!" and I'll be called. I don't know if it works like that but I hope it does! Or that a family could have someone dying and they need someone to help who can translate.

I wore a stunning Kit Cornell dress to class today-- deep violet and maroon flowers with beige leaves. I have never looked so pretty while failing. I had numerous compliments at the post office earlier and while shopping for my mother. (I can't study 100% of the time! It only took an hour!)

When I got home my husband and I did our tag-team parenting thing- -he was taking the kids to church. He came in to speak to me briefly and someone called and he had the nerve to answer it. I said, "This is our time-- all two minutes, leave the cell phone alone." He shouldn't have answered it. I hate the person who called now and will hate him for the rest of our lives. I wish in the insanity of things that my husband would just turn the damned thing off. I would have felt much better if he'd done that, "OK-- if they want they can leave a message and I'll get back to them." There is always the concern that it's my eldest daughter, but if it's her, he is courteous enough to say that it's here. Anyone else he turns his back to me. Aw, honey-- that turns me off.


Jessica said...

Love it! I have studied Spanish for years for that very reason. I wanted to be an interpretor in a hospital, too, and still plan on getting there someday. In the meantime, I translate for random folks who wander into my office, and impress people who don't speak Spanish when I come out with a random phrase. (They, at least, don't know when I make a mistake!) Best of luck with Russian. It's an amazing language.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Thank you Jessica! My Russian teacher told me to come back after the break for a retake. We'll see what happens. . .

steve said...


I'm sorry to hear about your Russian test, but it's good that your professor is going to help.

The person who called you on Sunday probably doesn't deserve to be hated, unless he knew he was interfering with your personal time. And even then, not for the rest of your life.

Best wishes for your future studies.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Steve-- how right you are! I was throwing my tantrum here. I'd envisioned coming home and chilling out with a cocktail and just not doing much of anything after doing OK on the test. The test went badly and I wanted everything to be about me-- I was upset.

I'll probably blog on it later but my husband wants the computer. We went to his friends house (I wasn't even slightly upset by today-- another friend came in from Asia and he and his wife made a huge spread for their own kids, all of ours and the friend's family. I LIKE these people!) I was thinking about taking that part of of my story but I think that since it was how I was feeling at the time I will leave it there.

Next time this guy calls I will drop everything because I cannot think of a nicer person, really. Or more interesting. He made a bonfire for the kids while they were sledding, we talked about everything from Russia to the world economy to-- INDIA of all places, as well as all the jobs of the adults at the table. All of us there were interested in everything and I didn't feel out of place, which I often do. These are my people I think and I hope they like me, too.