Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

My husband and children and I just celebrated the new year. We ate and watched movies.

If I could do an ideal-in-my-mind New Year celebration, I would go out on a hike at 10 with the kids and husband and various friends, get to where I wanted to be at 11 and get a fire going then celebrate and hike back to my car by 2. It would be a nice hike, nothing strenuous and I would know the trail well. I would be able to wear a long, heavy skirt and long underwear and heavy boots. The weather would be cold but not worse than -10 and there would be no chill factor. That may one day happen for us.

Tonight was still good-- I fried chicken and made some great side dishes. We ate late and then had three cakes to choose from and everyone had slices of each. Tiger canceled at the last minute to do some stuff with her boyfriend and I was irritated but hey, we have enough food
for us for leftovers. Of course. . . she may show up with friends tomorrow so I need to brace myself!