Thursday, March 20, 2008

$3.40 a Gallon!

Gas is $3.40 a gallon today! I bought only $30 worth. I don't know how I will afford school next year if I have to drive into the big city. This is terrible! I need at least 10 gallons to drive to the city and get home for a single round trip. This is terrible! Classes are twice a week!

In drawing class my professor was kind to me. "Tea has just aimed for Jupiter and landed on the moon. She started out in a Mazda that ran OK and ended up in a fast 4X4 pick-up!" She joked that somewhere along the line my Mazda turned into a 4X4 pickup, capable of high speeds! I had this idea in my head to draw my church. I was working with light and I wasn't getting it so I did something that we just learned to do on Tuesday. I darkened the entire paper with my darkest grey pencil, then started lifting up color with my kneadable eraser. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but I did better than I did on Tuesday when I started out. I did way better than I did on Tuesday. I got up there to discuss my work and I had a lot of bad things to say-- I was eyeballing something that I should have done mathematically and you could see where my eyes don't work together because of some major mistakes, but given their consistency, they made a "style" of their own. Singers can't have wobbles in their voices, dancers can't have wobbles, but with my drawing, I can have that wobble and it's unique.

It's always a shocker to me when my work comes out looking good-- but I don't know why. I am a decent artist. I loved seeing where my classmates have come from as well. I think they are goddesses-- but what it is, we all have our own unique way of drawing. My style is intense in whatever I do-- lots of intense high lights or dark areas depending on my medium. Another "girl" in there draws in a way that I hear music looking at her pictures-- they are happy people talking, anime people with big heads and giant eyes-- she drew me today in a mini skirt and headcovering with wings and I felt like a super hero! Another girl looks African-American and she is into her culture. She draws everyone in a Kenyan-ish style and it's just cool. I look pretty Irish-Dutch, but drawn in her style, I could have sworn that I had ancestors on the forgotten continent! It looked just like me! My characters have a sparkle to them. Another lady drawn people looking somber. I love how we are all so different, yet accurate with the same material!

I need to draw myself as a final for second semester drawing. We can do it any way we want. I am thinking of drawing myself as a fairy in water color.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

tell me about it. will these increases in gas prices EVER stop? It's causing incredible problems across many sectors of our economy. ahhhhhh!