Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Phobia of Robins

When I was four years old, I was in my big yard throwing out birdseed to the robins. They were near me, but not too close. I had been doing this every day-- it was a good way for my mom to get soem time to herself for a few minutes alone with my new brother and I enjoyed it. One particular day, the day I stopped doing this, there was a robin that seemed to be watching me. I thought he kept coming back to look at me, but in retrospect, you can't tell robins apart for the most part and every robin was probably watching me closely because I wanted to pet them.

I ran inside the house and shut the door and my mother asked what was wrong and I said, "There is a robin out there. He's looking at me and he knows who I am!"

My mom laughed at my absurdity and I think she even told me to not be absurd, but I'd not go back outside because of that robin! A little while later I got into trouble for doing something and she sent me to my room. I was looking out the window and the robin landed on the rhododendron bush nest to my window and was looking at me again! I screamed and my mom ran in and took me out of the room, but she thought that I was just silly. Her logic that it probably wasn't THE robin didn't work on me. I knew what I knew, and that was the very same robin!

This morning I was making breakfast and my five year old wanted to give some magpies some sunflower seeds so I sent her out with a little bag of them. There was soon a flock of five or so around her and she ran in and started peering out the back door. "There is a magpie who is over there and he'd looking at me. He knows who I am!"

I said, "Yes he does! And he's probably telling all this friends about your good birdseed and how sweet you are!"

She smiled and I filled up her little bag again to go give to her new admirer!

In spite of all the years that have passed, my heart still jumps when I see robins!


steve said...

I guess that's the way of phobias. And it won't help by saying that American robins aren't true robins, but a kind of thrush. (Julie over at Virtual Voyage has some shots of English (true) robins. I've got a fear of wasps, which gets me truly frazzled in October (otherwise the loveliest of months in the Midwest) when the German meat wasps are on the prowl.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

A thrush saw me! He knew who I was!

Now I'm afraid of robins and thrushes!

Wasps are bad. We had an infestation of them 12 years ago all over our general area. You couldn't eat a sandwich without them descending on you. They were terrible. Last time I got stung by one, my whole hand swelled and I didn't actually know what I'd been stung until a little while later. I'm afraid if there is a next time. The wasp fear is real. The leap in my hear for the bird is goofy.

GDad said...

It sounds like you handled your daughter's observation quite well.

If only, if only,
The woodpecker said...

Drat. Now I'm afraid of talking woodpeckers.

Naomi Joy said...

haha that is the funniest story ever!

Palm Springs Savant said...

its one of those things that stays with you, I have mine too,. Oddly enough its chestnuts. (don't ask)