Monday, March 10, 2008

Custom Corset

I got my first custom corset today from Romantasy. I own a few that I have purchased built for anyone, but I have to say that this is truly a work of art. I ordered a utilitarian corset made with black duck one side and green denim on the other. It is stunning. I have never seen any piece of clothing that looks so perfect and feels so strong. In my more conservative dress, I am still corseting underneath. I love how they feel on me-- they support the back and are like a constant hug. These are not bad for women like they used to be in the old days and of course being married to a man of science, he worried at first with my other ones but saw how they are not meant to constrict me. My first is an underbust Bella-- the next one that I will have made next year will be an underbust Edwardian or perhaps this one.

I cannot get over how much I like wearing these. It's not sexual or a fetish-- they offer back support! And they pull in my body. I got my waist down to 27" from 30"-- I wore it around the house and went shopping, then came home. After wearing it for three hours, I can tell you that I was ready to take it off. This is how you start out, you wear it for several hours then remove it. You do it again the next day and after three days you increase it to four hours and work up. My goal is a 23" waist. It's pretty possible. When I was 25 and doing a lot of jazz dancing, I had a 22" waist. This gives me a wasp waist even though it's not officially a corset that does that.

Oh-- the picture is from Romantasy and she said I could borrow it. It's from Sharon McCoy of Altered Thyme and she made the one that I have!


Naomi Joy said...

Do these corsets work wonders? I am getting married in May...maybe it is a good thing to consider because I was gonna get a 'corset'/bra thing to go under it! Are they bulky?

Tea N. Crumpet said...

They do-- they really do, but for the cost, to only wear once, they are spendy. It sounds like you want a shaper. Try or the Canadian equivalent. Those shapers are sleek and I enjoy them. If you plan on wearing stockings, wear the shapers with at least four garters on each leg. They hold them in place better.

steve said...

Tea, I guess I'm really out of the loop. I thought the women's emancipation movement of the 1910s and '20s had stamped out the corset, while the feminist movement of the '60s and '70s had done in the girdle. Have we gone full circle? Are bustles next? I just hope whale baleen isn't involved.

P.S. A quote from the Rev. Sydney Smith: Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? how did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea."

Tea N. Crumpet said...

No whale baleen-- stainless steel!

We did without the corsets and the girdles, then panicked: we still had hips and waists that got out of bounds! Not everyone has time for yoga!

Jessica said...

How interesting! They really are pretty, aren't they?

I checked out the head-covering website you linked to, and those are BEAUTIFUL!

You have such interesting thoughts! I thoroughly enjoyed your post on Lent. Abstinence does make you appreciate things that much more, and help me to focus on the season and keep Easter in my mind. Sounds cliche, but without the passion - without Good Friday - there would be no Easter, so to celebrate Easter without having meditated on His suffering seems to cheapen it.