Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nice Day Afterall

My morning had been sh---- with going to the grocery store to shop, calling myhusband to remind him that I needed grocery money and having him telling me that he would have to transfer me money later as he was in an emergency meeting. He is in pathology so seriously, they could be on the brink of disaster and I’d have to just wait! Having worked at one of those stores before, and seeing that they weren’t busy, I took my cart to the customer service area and told them that I had to leave as it was an emergency. They thanked me for letting them know and asked if I knew when I’d come back, but I didn’t know and asked them to put it away for me—they really don’t mind as it’s their job. I got home and cleaned and hung out with the kids, then a few hours later my husband sent me a message saying he sent some money to my account. I went to the car and . . . it wouldn’t start!

I called Triple A and they sent someone to me who at this point I know very well. Six months ago it was the battery—today it was my starter! I was fuming. Of course I’d told my husband about this (as I had the battery and the water heater!) and the mailman came and I went to get it and there was a letter from a good friend! In my happy mood, I thanked God that I was in the safety of my driveway with my eldest there with the other kids and that I was not at the store laden with children and groceries with a car not starting. I decided to forgive my husband who I’d screamed at earlier for not taking the car in when I said it was getting really bad at not starting (we’ve had a lot going wrong with his car—he was hoping that my starter would last until May.) We got to the mechanic's where he greeted me and said it would be a few hours. The weather was perfect—a light dusting of snow on the ground to make it crunchy, and it was wet but not too wet, so I walked around a certain lake, maybe a mile up the bike trail to a grocery store and took a few pictures. I stopped in a little herbal store that I’d never seen before and the lady called me Magpie, which she said was my animal totem! OK! I looked at her stuff and bought some pretty rocks and massage oil. I picked up some Tiger Iron which she said was good for my anemia, but I just thought was pretty. She freaked me out and she gave me her card and said I'd be back. Then I went to the grocer and picked up two weeks worth of groceries. I’d have been in a sour mood had the letter not arrived when it did, I’d have probably sat and bitched (in a funny way that is probably annoying and I will never do it again) about my husband to everyone. And I got a terrific walk out of the deal! No kids, no dog, no one but me alone and time to just be. Do you know how rare that is? It was spring break and my deadlines aren’t as tight. I just walked and was in the moment so to speak. I had Frank Sinatra’s, The Best is Yet to Come stuck in my head.

I don’t get into that stuff about totems—but the lady shocked me. Last year I was to create a mask for my first semester of drawing. I went for a walk and couldn’t come up with anything and I was running out of time for my clay to dry and for me to paint the mask in time to dry for the due date. I had to get it started that night. I decided to close my eyes and whatever I opened them to—a tree, a rock, whatever, that I would create a mask in that image. I closed my eyes and a bird landed a few feet away from me and yelled and it was a magpie! I made a neat looking mask of magpie and drew myself quite well, sitting on a tree! Today the lady in the store told me about magpie being the messenger of creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness—among many things. I was in a Squall parka without my art supplies, I was wearing black Isotoner gloves—nothing tipped her off about me and I swear that I’d never seen her before. She told me more stuff and I left, more than just a bit spooked! Of course, I got home and looked into more birds and could have several of them be my totem, but it was still pretty cool.

I got my waist down to 26" today. I am feeling fine. I am happy with how easy waist training is so far, but I am not ready to wear the corset to school. The drive would be too much and I never know how I would react to it if I just felt like removing it.

I made a cous-cous with raisins and carrots in a curry sauce for dinner tonight. All the kids enjoyed it. I made an unsweetened pear cake for sweets after dinner and my 9 year old asked why we eat better during Lent, which made me feel quite fantastic!


Emperor Ropi said...

I liked your old layout better but never mind.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I agree-- I will change it back. I liked it too but thought I'd try something new for a bit!

Naomi Joy said...

thats cool about the magpie!