Saturday, March 15, 2008

Waist Reduction

Emperor Ropi asked about why the waist reduction is important. For me initially, it was about getting my waist back down after having had so many children. It was up to 32" which is ten inches beyond where I was many years ago. This is not a good sign. As we age, numbers tend to go up naturally and go down or are maintained with hard work! I was 120 pounds when I married my husband ten years ago and have gotten up to 145 a few months ago. (Will I be at 170 in another ten years? I hope not!) I didn't look that big, but I didn't like it! I don't have time for yoga right now so I assessed what I'd spend on yoga classes and with less than half that amount of money I had a corset custom made at Romantasy. That is the corset that I am breaking in now. It won't be my last-- I like the back support!

I like having an hour glass figure-- while I don't dress to show it off any more because I am getting more into my beliefs, I still like to keep myself looking nice. I am happy with the results of this. It's not something that I go around telling people in real life about.

Some studies are suggesting that heart disease goes up with waist fat deposits. I found one study that was brief but amusing that suggested that women with narrow waists have higher IQ's! I don't put a lot of trust into these studies-- numbers can be manipulated by the smart men that these women marry! I also liked this study.

Many years ago women burned their bras and did away with girdles. I think that it was about having to wear them that women didn't like. If I want to go to the store in sweats, I can, but I like to dress nicely. My mom told me about the 60's when she did her housework in heels. I can't fathom it.


Emperor Ropi said...

Thanks for answering my question! However I still disagree. When I was 6"3 I was 130lbs. Now I am 6"5 and half and 158lbs so I was taking up weight faster than I was growing. Maybe this tendency is still going like that. At least my height growth is slowing.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Ropi, at 6'3" and 130 pounds, you don't need to reduce anything!

My brother has your build and at 34, he is still lanky. He's had to reduce his extreme caloric consumption from those days-- but he still has to eat a lot or he loses weight. I used to tease him about having a pet tapeworm in his stomach as he ate and ate and it seemed that nothing stuck to him!

Do you lose weight between going to bet at night and waking up in the morning? I wouldn't be surprised if you do! Don't you worry about your waist size-- ever! My 10 year old son will have your build and he is going to start learning to garden this year-- he eats as much as two adults!